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Employee Gifts: A simple, Comprehensive Guide
Unlock the secrets of meaningful workplace gift-giving with our comprehensive guide! Whether you’re a manager fostering team connections or an HR professional enhancing the employee experience, […]
February 2024

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How the SPVG Integrates Recognition Into its Organizational Culture With the Orange Program

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4 Ways to Reconnect With Nature

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The Importance of Mentorship in Investment Banking

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Why Order Deal Toys?

Wondering Why You Should Order Deal Toys? To understand the importance of deal toys […]

Article September 2021

Deal Toys – A Long-Standing Tradition and Ritual

Deal toys are more relevant than ever! Altrum is longest standing company in the […]

Article August 2021

How to Create Custom Acrylic Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones to Impress Everyone

How to Create Custom Acrylic Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones to Impress Everyone

Article July 2021
Investment Banking Tombstone Guide

Investment Banking Tombstone: Understand Their Value

An investment banking tombstone is one of the oldest traditions in the finance […]

Article May 2021

What I Wish They Had Told Me

What I Wish I Was Told Before Becoming an Analyst. Currently, you’re thinking […]

Article April 2021

How to keep call center agents motivated

Speed, productivity, cost reductions, quality… and how to keep agents motivated […]

eBook March 2021
Cadeau fin d'année

10 Great Reasons to Offer Thank You Gift Codes

Since everybody has different taste, it can be difficult to hit the mark when it […]

Article February 2021
Investment Banker Coffee edition

What Your Coffee Says About You – Banker Edition

Have you ever wondered what your deal toy provider thinks of your coffee order? No, […]

Article February 2021
Recognition Program

How to Create a Successful Recognition Program

Are you thinking of setting up a recognition program to make your employees feel […]

Article January 2021

2021 New Years Resolutions

The New Year is upon us (finally). Feels like we’ve been waiting for this one for […]

Article January 2021

Award Types by Industry

Learn how to create custom awards that will last a lifetime. Whether you have a gala […]

Article December 2020

Movies Every Investment Banker Should Watch

Our team sat down and picked out the TOP movies for investment bankers and we just […]

Article December 2020
conseils pour devenir un meilleur gestionnaire pour ses employés

5 Tips to Become a Better Manager for Your Employees

How to be a Great Leader at Work When we think of leadership, there is often a […]

Article November 2020

Altrum Appoints Louis-David Bourque as CEO

Press Releases November 2020

The Ultimate Holiday List : Gifts for Investment Bankers

Welcome to our first annual Gifts for Investment Bankers list! You’ve gone this […]

Article November 2020
which corporate event is next for me

Which Event Should Your Company Host?

We all need excuses to celebrate employees. You probably already do this in your own […]

Article November 2020

Which Banking Hub Should You Move To?

Are you an investment banking analyst wondering if you’re in the right city? […]

Article November 2020
employee wellbeing at work

6 Ideas to Promote your Employee’s Wellbeing

Workplace stress – the monster under so many employees’ desk. We know that […]

Article October 2020
Investment Banking Books

5 Books Every Banker Should Own

You’re in the office after a long day of work: you glance over to your bookshelf. […]

Article October 2020
Altrum Awards Keynote Speaker Corporate Award

Corporate Award Ideas for Your Keynote Speakers

Ideas to create a showstopping corporate award for your keynote speaker. Impress […]

Article October 2020

Tips & Tricks – Virtual Award Ceremony

Have you been tasked with hosting an award ceremony? Have you been nominated for an […]

Article September 2020
Deal Toy Fails Altrum Honors

Turning Deal Toy Fails Into Deal Toy Art

We’ve had plenty of deal toy requests in our sixty-plus years in this business. In […]

Article September 2020

9 Recruitment Strategies: Attract the Best Candidates

9 Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Candidates A 2018 BDC survey of 1,208 […]

Article September 2020

Pandemic Deal Toys

We discovered that the pandemic has brought some interesting trends. Why not create […]

Article September 2020
Altrum Honors Acrylic Trophy BCE

Acrylic Trophy Made For You – Business Card Embedment

Take a deep dive into one of our most iconic creations: a business card embedment. […]

Article September 2020
Statistics related to giving employees positive feedback

Do We Have Good Recognition Practices in Canada?

Canada is filled with wonderful companies: manufacturers who export around the […]

Article August 2020
Office with Dazzling Awards

20 Custom Trophy Ideas to Dazzle Your Recipients

Who doesn’t love to show off a little? We know we do! And we’re sure you do too. […]

Article August 2020
Recognition program name ideas

Catchy Name Ideas for Your Employee Recognition Program

Gold Star, MVP, Kudos, President’s Circle…you’ve probably heard these employee […]

Article July 2020
Corporate Awards When Working Remote

How to Flawlessly Host a Virtual Event

The remote work lifestyle has hit us all by storm. Here are a few ways to conduct […]

Article July 2020
most extravagant deal tombstones rolex

12 Most Extravagant Custom Deal Toys

Whenever we start chatting with those in the investment banking world, the question […]

Article July 2020

How to Celebrate an Event From Home

We’ve put together a toolkit to help you celebrate any milestone from home, […]

Article July 2020

Which Type of Awards Are Best for Your Event?

Check out this fun style quiz to choose your next corporate award style!

Article June 2020
75 ideas for a better company culture

75 Great Ideas to Develop a More Inspiring Company Culture

Although Covid-19 brought its share of complications to the world of work, this new […]

Article June 2020
Unique Corporate Awards Materials

Materials to Help You Create Unique Custom Awards

When discussing how to create the perfect unique custom awards, you’ll be certain […]

Article June 2020
Choosing Your Financial Tombstone Materials

Financial Tombstone Materials 101

Creating your financial tombstone is an exciting journey. Let us take you through a […]

Article June 2020
How Acrylic Awards Are Made

How Acrylic Awards Are Made

Discover how we create our stunning acrylic awards. A beautiful process to design a […]

Article June 2020

How to Choose a 5-Star Deal Toy Company: 4 Key Things to Remember

You’re in the market for a unique financial tombstone design. Your hard work has […]

Article May 2020

11 Most Iconic Awards and Prizes

Take a look at some of the most recognizable awards of our lifetime. Maybe this will […]

Article May 2020
Popular Altrum Honors Deal Toy Project Names

8 Popular Deal Code Names & The Deal Toys They Inspired

There are many factors that go into picking out your deal code, which will influence […]

Article May 2020
c'est quoi l'engagement des employés

What is Employee Engagement and How You Can Rock it!

“Employee engagement” has become entrenched in our business vernacular. You see […]

Article May 2020
wellbeing at work - woman working from home

Wellbeing at Work During COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 has undeniably changed the way we live and work, and many experts agree […]

Article April 2020
Creating a custom award is great for the recipient and your company.

Why Should You Create Custom Awards

If you want an inspiring award, something to remember for years, listen to our top […]

Article April 2020
Some tips on how to create a custom financial tombstone

How To Make Your Own Trophy

Customize your own financial tombstone to make sure that it reflects the size of […]

Article April 2020
motivation from home virtual meeting

10 Ideas to Boost Employee Motivation in a Remote World

What’s the one thing most businesses have in common right now? A virtual […]

Article April 2020
Create your custom lucite awards with 5 easy tips

5 Must-Have Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Lucite Awards

Creative or not, you deserve the greatest Custom Awards. It all starts with these 5 […]

Article April 2020
Important facts and questions to know before deal toy process

Create a Custom Deal Toy: 10 Things to Know Before You Start

Coming up with deal toy lucite ideas after closing a deal should be the fun part, […]

Article April 2020
Acing your employee recognition speech

How to Write an Inspiring Employee Recognition Speech

Building a positive culture in your company depends a lot on how you present it to […]

Article March 2020
covid-19 5 employee recognition campaign ideas when working from home

COVID-19: 5 Recognition Campaigns to Run to Motivate your Employees

The pandemic has brought significant changes to the way we work. Office 365, video […]

Article March 2020
teletravail - boite a outil du gestionnaire

Recognizing From a Distance: List of Resources for Your Managers

Closed shops, deserted streets and kids at home, the global health crisis forces us […]

Article March 2020
Let us help you come up with ways to celebrate from a distance

How to Celebrate from A Distance

As many of us know, more and more jobs and teams have been making the switch over to […]

Article March 2020
Make sure not to make these award show fails

10 Award Ceremony Fails to Avoid

Planning an award ceremony this season? Let us help you by laying out some common […]

Article March 2020

How to Celebrate International Employee Appreciation Day

Established by the RPI (Recognition Professionals International) in 1995, employee […]

Article March 2020
Fun ways to incorporate investment banking deal toys into a closing celebration.

Four Ways to Celebrate a Major Transaction

When deciding how you want to celebrate, your mind can go a number of ways. While […]

Article February 2020
discours de reconnaissance des employés

How to Give the Best Employee Recognition Speech

Whether or not public speaking isn’t your strong suit, following these simple tips […]

Article February 2020
3D laser etching machine in motion

3D Laser Etching: our New 3d Printed Deal Toy Technology

There are many ways of creating deal toys with 3D detail. You can physically get […]

Article January 2020
culture reconnaissance marque employeur

Work on Your Employer Brand … from the Inside

Que faire pour attirer – mais surtout conserver – de bons employés ? Selon […]

Article January 2020
Awards design trends 2020

Award Design Trends for 2020

Find out what colors, shapes, materials and fonts will influence award design in the […]

Article December 2019
plane wing in pink skies

10 Unusual Holiday Destinations to Get Away from Banking

Whether you’re making last minute plans for New Year’s Eve or need some […]

Article December 2019
Celebrating a deal at a closing dinner

How to Plan a Great Closing Dinner

What better way to celebrate your closing than getting everyone together for […]

Article November 2019
ribbons is awards or cash better to motivate

Awards VS Cash: Which has more impact on motivation?

In a business context, do awards really work to increase motivation?

Article October 2019
Generation y employees how to attract and retain them avoid demotivation

Recognition: A Source of Demotivation?

Do you believe recognizing a co-worker can have a negative impact on motivation? At […]

Article October 2019
Team building activities employees

10 Original Activities to Foster Team Spirit at Work

The benefits of strong team building at work have long since been proven. A welded […]

Article October 2019
Parents with baby coming back to work after parental leave

7 Tips to Help your Employees Return to Work from Parental Leave

Returning to work after parental leave can be a difficult period of adaptation for […]

Article October 2019
Engagement Survey on Mobile Phone

Simple Guide for Engagement Surveys

Just like your customer survey (or net promoter score), the engagement survey allows […]

Article October 2019
Knoll Textile Recognition Awards Program

KnollTextiles Performance Awards

How a custom trophy has created a unique blend of textile and acrylic?

Article September 2019
importance de la relation entre patron et employé pour motiver

Retention & Loyalty: Prevention is the Best Policy

Lucie Morin, author of Retaining Employees, full professor of ESG UQAM and […]

Article September 2019

Top 10 Most Extravagant Deal Toy Designs

Votes were tallied, verdict was reached – we’ve selected the top 10 most […]

Article September 2019
Modern gift ideas for years of service

10 Modern Gift Ideas to Celebrate Years of Service

In light of the generational, cultural and personal preference differences of each […]

Article August 2019
how to better communicate with your employees

10 Tips to Improve Communication with your Employees

Employees attach great importance to their relationship with their superiors. […]

Article July 2019

5 gift Ideas for a Memorable Retirement

Work hard all your life until the fateful moment: retirement, at the age of 55, 60 […]

Article July 2019
motivated team with hands in the middle

How to motivate your team after the holidays

The holiday season is a great time for everyone to get their minds off work. You […]

Article June 2019
Altrum cup awards

Altrum Cup

The purpose of the Altrum Cup tournament is to raise funds for United Way. All funds […]

Article June 2019

F1 Canadian Grand Prix Trophy

Having already created and secured a winning design for one of the most prestigious […]

Article June 2019
why employees are unhappy at work

5 Reasons why Employees are Unhappy at Work

Close to a third of employees are not engaged at work according to a recent Gallup […]

Article April 2019
Thank You - Gifting happiness with Employee recognition

Gifting happiness all year long!

By developing meaningful relationships with your colleagues and employees that […]

Article March 2019
reconnaissance un allié pour les femmes

Recognition, an Ally to Women’s Ambition

It is no longer a secret: recognition increases happiness at work. Practicing […]

Article March 2019
remercier les travailleurs à distance

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day With Your Remote Workers

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated March 1st It’s a great opportunity for […]

Article March 2019
How to choose a deal toy vendor

5 Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Deal Toy Vendor

Beyond a simple thank you, deal toys remain a powerful tool for recognizing your […]

Article January 2019
How to celebrate a deal

How to Celebrate a Transaction

After many months of arduous work, you’re proud to learn that the deal that held […]

Article January 2019

What is the Impact of Recognition on Organizations?

Are you familiar with the concept of “return on recognition” (ROR)? It is the […]

Article January 2019
people searching for an employee recognition program

4 Signs That Your Years of Service Program is Outdated

Your Years of Service program may be so deeply rooted in tradition that it fails to […]

Article January 2019
Top 10 Extravagant Real Estate Deal Gifts

Top 10 Extravagant Real Estate Deal Gifts

Here is our countdown of the most extravagant deal gifts for the Real Estate […]

Article December 2018

Which material is right for your deal toy

Everything you need to know from the moment you design your deal toy to when you […]

Article December 2018
materials to make custom awards

Which material is best for your award ?

Everything you need to know from the moment you design your deal toy to when you […]

Article December 2018

How to make your deal toy fit your budget

We’ll help you find the perfect impact/budget ratio.

Article December 2018

Factors to consider to budget for your awards

We’ll help you find the perfect impact/budget ratio.

Article December 2018
Stand out with deal toys

How to make your deal toy stand out

Some tips to help you take your deal toy from good to exceptional.

Article December 2018
8 Most Extravagant Deal Toys

Pro tips to make your award stand out

Some tips to help you take your deal toy from good to exceptional.

Article December 2018

8 Most Extravagant Deal Toys

Whether it’s the MD’s most prideful achievement, the size of the transaction, or […]

Article December 2018

6 Creative Ways to Incorporate a Client’s Product in a Deal Toy

If your client’s product is small enough, it is possible to incorporate it to the […]

Article December 2018

10 Superb Ideas to Integrate Employee Recognition into your Operations

By offering recognition to employees in your day to day operations, you will reap a […]

Article December 2018

How to Create a Personalized Trophy in 3 Easy Steps

Our trophies, awards and plaques are designed with care to honor the accomplishments […]

Article December 2018
banner gilead deal toy

Home Run

Gilead Sciences is an international biopharmaceutical company that discovers, […]

Case Studies November 2018
banner americain natural supply

Groundhog Day

American Natural is a Pennsylvania-based firm focusing on the local communities it […]

Case Studies November 2018