3D Print Deal Toys

Have you ever had such a crazy idea that you’re not sure if anything like it even exists? That’s where 3D printing would come into play for your deal toy. Of course, there are many other reasons to use 3D printing when creating your deal toy. Keep reading!

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3D Printing
& Financial Tombstones

The idea of using 3D printing in the world of financial deal toys is relatively new. But the technology is out there, and we just happen to have it and love using it. Watching a 3D print creating is one of the most mesmerizing procedures to watch. And to that have that process creating your deal toy, makes a world of a difference. This is a uniquely printed three-dimensional design straight out of your imagination. Let’s dive a little bit deeper here.

You have an insane niche project and you have no idea where to start. You had a project Bronco and you want to take it a step further. You’d like to see a horse riding on top of a Bronco car… you got it. Once our artists get to work on the 3D rendering and make sure it’s designed to perfection, we can go ahead and measure out the scopes of it. From there, you can work with your designated representative to discuss things such as color, texture, and down to the smallest detail. You also want the Bronco to have a saddle on him, we can add that in. While this might sound like an “out there” example, there are cases like this, which is where we come with 3D printing.

3D printing in the world of financial

Another perfect opportunity to use our advances in 3D printing would be within the real estate industry. Any intricate properties you might have or even unbuilt buildings. All we need are images from all 4 sides and if you have the architect files, great! The amount of detail that 3D printing technology can gather, can even show you the smallest window details on your building replica.


Process of Creating Your 3D Financial Tombstone

At first, as you can imagine, it’s important to hop on a call with your designated representative at Altrum. You will discuss exactly what you’re going for and your vision for this design. You’ll, of course, discuss the basics and then the magic will start. As always, you’ll get a rendering of the artwork to make sure it looks alright, the colors are in the realm of what you wanted, and that very particular window detail, for example, looks right.

Then our dedicated team of artists from some of the best schools around the world will work together to create 3D files for your project. Once each and every single spot of the 3D file is rendered, we can see the piece come to life. Our artists can move it around, zoom in and out, digitally of course, to make sure all is as it should be. Then to the printer, it goes!

The printing is quite fascinating and can take anywhere from 8 hours to over 24 hours to print just one piece. You’ll start to see lines being formed with an almost matte texture. Once done, your piece will look almost nothing like what you envisioned. Then the sanding comes in. Our team will shave off all the extra supports that printer put in for printing purposes, then your piece is coming to life. Afterward, we have a number of finishes and paints to make your 3D print uniquely yours.

The Finished Result of Your 3D Deal Toy

How you choose to display your 3D print is just another way to throw your own spin on this. You can put it on crystal, or maybe even a wood base? The choice is yours! Have any ideas in mind that you think would work well with some 3D printing?

Let us know and we’ll schedule a call to go over logistics and make your dream come to life.

We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, it’s a job well done for us.