Sustainability Commitment - Altrum

Our Sustainability Commitment

“Altrum is committed to help clients celebrate achievements and inspire people while addressing their concerns about the environmental impact of their actions.”

– Louis-David Bourque, CEO at Altrum

Our 2025 Corporate Environmental
Sustainability Goals

Carbon Footprint Reduction Goal in our Operations

By 2025, our operations will be carbon neutral. We will reduce the impact of shipping, travel and waste disposal by 50%.

Scope 1 & 2
100% Impact Reduction
Scope 3
50% Impact Reduction

2019 Baseline

Our 2019 operations audit of Scope 1 and 2, which was conducted by an environmental impact consulting firm, confirmed that our Canadian factory was emitting 251 metric tons of CO2. This is less than 2 metric tons per employee. We are achieving our impact reduction by investing in new and efficient machinery. Today, we are continuing our production with one of the world’s most renewable energy sources, hydropower (HydroQuebec).

70% of our carbon footprint in Scope 3 is attributed to shipping. Altrum now offers carbon-neutral shipping for your designs, worldwide.


Carbon Footprint Reduction Goal in Our Offerings

We will offer design and product alternatives that are environmentally friendly.

Custom Designs For Awards & Deal Toys
Gifting Suppliers & Partners

We are transitioning to the lowest impact alternative materials available for our custom deal toys and awards. Altrum now has partnerships with gifting suppliers that offer sustainable products.

Our Environmentally Sustainable Commitments

United Nations Global Compact

Altrum has joined the fight as one of the 14,000+ businesses that have committed to the The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


  • Altrum has signed the United Nations compact and agreed to uphold the United Nations Global Compact principles of association for the four (4) key areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

  • We are committed to implementing these principles as part of our business strategy, company culture and day-to-day operations.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Our factory in St-Martin, Canada started implementing a greener production process in 2020, which include:

  • Modernizing our factory facility with energy efficient equipment

  • Changing all factory facility lighting to LED

  • Continuing our factory operations using the greenest electricity option and source, in the world: hydropower (Hydro Québec)

  • Carbon neutral shipping that is available worldwide (exclusively from Canada via UPS)

Adding More Sustainable Material Offerings to our Product Selection

We have expanded our collection with a wider range of more eco-friendly awards and deal toy design materials, including: locally sourced wood, recycled aluminum, recycled acrylic and recyclable crystal glass.

Altrum also has an array of sustainable alternatives to explore through our partnerships. To learn more or partner with us please contact us today.

Lower Environmental Impact Packaging

Altrum has mandated an external firm to initiate processes to reduce the volume and carbon footprint of our packaging.

Packaging of deal toys and awards will now incorporate two key aspects:

  • Green materials and environmentally low-impact packaging, which are recycled and recyclable

  • Less material waste that is compact and efficient

Carbon-neutral Shipping

Carbon neutral shipping is now available worldwide for all of our designs manufactured in our Canadian factory and is shipped to client locations at no additional cost (exclusively from Canada via UPS).

Eco-friendly options, unique and original custom designs!

contact us today to see our latest eco-designs

Green Partnership Support

Altrum is passionate about improving the welfare of our planet. This would not be possible without your help and support, so we thank you for your participation in this initiative.

Our team of dedicated sales executives and account managers will guide you in your project’s process and answer any questions you may have about our  sustainable initiative options and offerings.

Altrum holds itself accountable to deliver on our set goals and targets, in compliance with the United Nations Global Compact’s Sustainability initiative, while supporting our improved environmentally conscious business strategy and operations.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to make our world a cleaner and greener place, one deal toy and award at a time.