online shopping platform

for trophies and plaques

October 2, 2021
Online shopping platform for trophies and plaques


Before, when a branch wanted to give an employee a plaque or trophy to recognize years of service, a staff member had to fill out a form and fax it to the purchasing department at head office.

After 4 to 6 weeks, the employee received an object of poor quality and was less than impressed.


The bank contacted Altrum for help managing the trophies and plaques for better quality and delivery times.

Altrum proposed its online shopping platform for trophies and plaques.

This tool, available to all branches, enables the person responsible for ordering the plaque or trophy to do so in just a few minutes, simply by choosing a template, entering the name of the recipient and the number of years of service, along with a personalized message. An accurate representation of the order will then be displayed directly online. The order is processed and the manager of the recipient will receive it wrapped and ready to present within 3 business days.


Delivery times reduced from 6 weeks to 3 business days is an invaluable benefit for the client. The simplicity and usability of the online shopping platform for trophies and plaques allow for greater agility and responsiveness on the part of managers. Recipients will now receive their plaque or trophy on time to proudly display on their desk or at home.

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