Do We Have Good Recognition Practices in Canada?

August 18, 2020

In Employee Engagement

Statistics related to giving employees positive feedback

Canada is filled with wonderful companies: manufacturers who export around the world, fashion labels who present their creations at Paris fashion week, research labs who get cited in prestigious medical journals for their groundbreaking findings, and of course, our SMEs who forge their place in the economy with tenacity. We have lots to be proud of!

That being said, are these companies ‘good’ in the human sense? More specifically, do they have good recognition practices? We were curious, so we asked! 160 companies answered our call and here are the results.

36% of respondents have a results-based recognition program.


statistics related to result-based employee recognition

Therefore, 64% of respondents do not have a program in place to recognize results. Whether it’s an individual or group recognition, we should always congratulate an employee that attains or surpasses objectives. We often say that we manage what we can measure. If we can measure results, part of management is to recognize and celebrate what we want to see more of in our organization!

34% of respondents say that their employees receive positive feedback once or more per month.

Statistics related to giving employees positive feedback

To those of you who are part of that 34%, Bravo! Giving each employee monthly positive feedback isa good starting place. Gallup even suggests that we should give positive feedback at least every 7 days in order to have an impact on employee engagement.

How can you better integrate positive feedback into management practices? We have a great solution for you.

39% of respondents say they have practices in place to recognize improvement, effort and good ideas.

Statistics about recognizing your employee's efforts

Recognizing results is important, and so is recognizing everything that leads to results! Recognizing good ideas, improvement and efforts is essential to foster a climate that promotes innovation and growth.

19% of companies use technology to facilitate recognition.

How many companies use technology to recognize employees

With remote work on the rise and for companies with multiple offices, using a social recognition platform is becoming a must to highlight your team’s daily victories. Curious to see how such a tool could be useful for you? Check out how Celebration works.

73% of companies think their recognition practices could be improved!

improve employee recognition

This is great news and we’re here for it! Our goal is to help companies improve their recognition practices to cultivate motivation, engagement and performance!


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