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Employee Gifts: A simple, Comprehensive Guide
Unlock the secrets of meaningful workplace gift-giving with our comprehensive guide! Whether you’re a manager fostering team connections or an HR professional enhancing the employee experience, […]
February 2024

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How the SPVG Integrates Recognition Into its Organizational Culture With the Orange Program

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April 2024

4 Ways to Reconnect With Nature

March 2024

All About Shipping Costs

February 2024

The Importance of Mentorship in Investment Banking

February 2024

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ameripride banner

Value Added

AmeriPride is a uniform rental and linen supply company operating across the United […]

Case Studies November 2018
banner winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Our client was looking to celebrate a deal for a Utah-based ranch and distillery. […]

Case Studies November 2018
Chess game deal toy


The client came to Altrum looking for a deal gift to celebrate a Real Estate […]

Case Studies November 2018
Altrum cup awards

Altrum Cup

Since 2017, Altrum host the yearly Altrum Cup charity football (soccer) tournament. […]

Case Studies November 2018
branded banner


Pioneer Natural Resources is a publicly-traded, Texas-based independent exploration […]

Case Studies November 2018
banner encana deal toy pirate

Treasure Hunt

Ovintiv Corporation is a Canadian natural gas company that produces, transports and […]

Case Studies November 2018
mcdonald deal toy banner


A client came to us to celebrate a debt transaction for the famous fast-food chain, […]

Case Studies November 2018
USL Nashville banner

Game On!

On July first, the United Soccer League formally welcomed its new Nashville […]

Case Studies November 2018
tropical osasis deal toy

Tropical Oasis

Lakeside village is a trendy residential complex located in Central Florida. To […]

Case Studies November 2018
google deal toy

Project Scrabble

Our client came to us seeking a deal toy to celebrate Alphabet’s recent […]

Case Studies November 2018
fox it deal toy banner

Put Into Motion

A client came to us seeking a unique deal toy concept for the acquisition of Fox-IT, […]

Case Studies November 2018
toying with an idea deal toy

Toying With an Idea

ThreeSixty Group ideates, designs, sources and distributes consumer products to the […]

Case Studies November 2018
Top Flight Deal Toy

Top Flight

Aer Lingus is the national flag carrier airline of Ireland. It operates an all […]

Case Studies November 2018
Royal Delivery Mail Deal Toy

Royal Delivery Mail

Our client from London was looking to create a deal toy to commemorate the IPO of […]

Case Studies November 2018
Fitting all the Elements Deal Toy

Fitting all the Elements

One of our clients was looking to create a deal toy to commemorate a recent […]

Case Studies November 2018
King of the castle Deal Toy

King of the Castle

A client was looking to commemorate an important transaction with a symbolic deal […]

Case Studies November 2018
Zanella Deal Toy


Zanella is an Italian menswear brand, best known for its high quality fabrics and […]

Case Studies November 2018
creative employees having ideas

6 Tips to Stimulate your employee’s creativity

Creativity, the ability to create a new concept from elements known to solve a […]

Article October 2018
how to write an employee recognition letter message

6 Tips to Write an Effective Recognition Letter

A recognition memo is a powerful, and an easy way to share your recognition and […]

Article July 2018
Altrum recognition - Signas of psychological distress at work

How to detect signs of psychological distress in the workplace

If the physical health of your employee is deteriorating, you will most likely […]

Article July 2018
custom awards for years of service

5 tips for an unforgettable awards presentation

There is nothing like an award to make a lasting impression and inspire people. Here […]

Article June 2018

5 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance Within your Company

While wages were once the main factor of attraction for a job, a new trend is […]

Article May 2018
Generation y employees how to attract and retain them avoid demotivation

Gen Y Employees: Attracting, Motivating and Retaining Them

Aged about 25 to 40 years, generation-Y workers witnessed the advent of many […]

Article May 2018

8 Tips to Organize a Memorable Years of Service Ceremony

A years of service ceremony can be very beneficial for your company’s corporate […]

Article February 2018

Formal or informal recognition: what approach should you adopt?

Recognition programs – if well-designed and well-applied – can greatly enhance […]

Article October 2017

8 Tips to Organize a Memorable Years of Service Event

An event to celebrate years of service can be very beneficial to the culture of your […]

Article July 2017

How to foster cohesion between employees in different offices

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to have to collaborate with colleagues and […]

Article June 2017

Altrum Cup

Press Releases June 2017

Facebook’s Secrets to Being and Staying an Employer of Choice

Each year, the job search platform Glassdoor publishes its list of employers of […]

Article May 2017

The Orange Program: A Unique Training Program for Managers

Recognizing achievements on a daily basis has various perks when incorporated as a […]

Article May 2017
Altrum Reconnaissance - lectures aux employés

5 books to foster your employee’s professional development

One of the most useful things you can do as a team manager is encourage your […]

Article April 2017
How to encourage peer-to-peer recognition

How to encourage peer-to-peer recognition

If you’re interested enough in recognition to read this article, you are already a […]

Article March 2017
5 choses à ne pas faire pour réussir une remise de prix

5 things not to do during an awards ceremony

An award ceremony is a great way to inspire your team. But to do so, it must be […]

Article March 2017
team of people doing social activities at work

10 Social Activities to Increase Employee Engagement

You’ve probably heard the expression “work hard, play hard”. If you want to […]

Article March 2017
Women in the workforce from diverse backgrounds

10 Facts About Women in the Workforce

Over the last three decades, women in the workforce have made an enormous amount of […]

Article March 2017
La reconnaissance au travail comme culture organisationnelle

The Secret to Zappos’ Corporate Culture Success

Corporate culture is an aspect of organizational life that is too often neglected by […]

Article March 2017
8 astuces pour favoriser la concentration au travail

8 Tips to Stay Focused at Work

Between emails, calls, social media notifications, and interruptions from your […]

Article February 2017
Generation Z coming to the workforce

Generation Z is on its Way to the Job Market

During the last few years, much media attention has been paid to Millennials. […]

Article February 2017

Reward Your Employees With Gifts They’ll Really Love

Every employer knows the importance of motivated employees. There are retention […]

Article February 2017
ROI of employee engagement at work

The best CEOs have recognized the importance of employee engagement

Why do CEOs in charge of successful companies care so much about their employees? […]

Article February 2017

Altrum celebrates its 60th anniversary

Press Releases January 2017

Altrum Sponsors Modeloff

Press Releases December 2016

What Marketing Can Teach Human Resources

Like marketers, human resources professionals must seek to attract and retain their […]

Article October 2016

Altrum Acquires CreaSparks

Press Releases July 2016
invisible employees and how to lift their potential

How to Reveal the Potential of Your Invisible Employees

When was the last time you recognized the work of your accountant, sound technician, […]

Article June 2016

How Employee Recognition Contributes To Business Success

What if all your employees were aligned with your values ​​and motivated by your […]

Article May 2016
employee social network to communicate digitally in the workplace

Why You Need an Internal Enterprise Social Network

When you send an all staff email, two different scenarios are possible: No one […]

Article May 2016
everyone at a company involved in the recognition programs

Recognition: it’s for everyone

Many recognition programs make a company’s managers responsible for recognizing […]

Article April 2016

5 Totally Different Ways To Benefit From Gamification

What do marketing, education, driving, health and performance at work have in […]

Article April 2016
how to keep remote workers engaged at work

Engagement of remote worker, it’s possible !

Thanks to technological advances, remote workers can now be as productive in their […]

Article March 2016
Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

Satisfaction Survey: What Your Employees Are Too Afraid To Tell You

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that most employees don’t tell their […]

Article March 2016
Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

Satisfaction Survey: What Your Employees Don’t Dare Tell You

Most employees do not share their real thoughts with their boss, which is probably […]

Article March 2016
2 women improving workplace communication

10 Tips For Effective Workplace Communication

Do you know how to communicate effectively in the workplace? If you want to improve […]

Article March 2016
employee appreciation day

International Employee Appreciation Day!

March 4th is International Employee Appreciation Day Although employee appreciation […]

Article March 2016
bad employee performance and how to counter it

5 Reasons why your Employee’s Performance is not Improving

During a recent yearly review, you met with an employee who was having difficulty […]

Article February 2016

5 Reasons Your Employee’s Performance Isn’t Improving

During year-end performance reviews, you met with an employee who was having trouble […]

Article February 2016

The E-book Is Out: Call Centers, Taking On The Challenge

If you work for, manage or want to know more about call centres, don’t miss this […]

Article February 2016

How To Integrate Fun Into Your Company’s Annual Objectives

As we begin the year, many managers are planning their annual objectives and […]

Article February 2016

Altrum wins Smart CEO’s Future 50 Awards

Press Releases January 2016
make your recognition actions more meaningful

Tips for Making your Recognition Actions More Effective!

For most people, saying thank you comes naturally. However, in many instances in the […]

Article January 2016

2015 Financial Modelling World Champion

Press Releases January 2016

BCH Unique Inc. becomes Altrum®

Press Releases January 2016

Generational differences in the workplace

A study by the University of Minnesota explains the different behaviors and values […]

Article January 2016
first day at work

Recognition Starts on Day 1

The first day at work can be quite stressful for any new employee. Sometimes, a […]

Article January 2016
why people leave their job

Frequent Reasons People Leave Their Job

In July 2015 alone, 3.57 million people resigned from their job in North America. […]

Article January 2016

How to attract talented employees through social media

Ways of attracting talented employees have greatly changed in the last few years. […]

Article January 2016

Gamification Test: What Type Of Player Are You?

Happy new year! We at Altrum would like to wish you lots of recognition at work and […]

Article January 2016

6 characteristics of an engaged team at work!

An engaged team does wonders for a company’s growth. Here are a few positive […]

Article January 2016
employee motivation

10 Myths about employee motivation

We hear a lot of rumours about what works and what doesn’t to motivate employees. […]

Article January 2016
employee engagement

14 Low Cost Ways of Fostering Employee Engagement

Fostering employee engagement is accessible to all companies! Whether you are a […]

Article December 2015

What Makes Enterprise Gamification A Profitable Solution?

There’s a lot of talk about gamification for organizations, and for good reason: […]

Article December 2015

Encouraging Employee Engagement Through Real-time Feedback

Employee performance evaluation time—a crucial moment in performance management […]

Article November 2015

10 Myths About Employee Performance (2 Of 2)

In our previous article we discussed to what extent the definition of performance […]

Article October 2015
motivate younger employees

10 Ways To Recognize And Motivate Younger Employees

In a recent article, we looked at what characterizes generation Y and Z employees at […]

Article October 2015
employee performance at work

10 Myths About Employee Performance (1 Of 2)

If there’s any topic making headlines in the business sector these days, it’s […]

Article October 2015

How To Create An Incentive Campaign In Six Easy Steps

Motivational campaigns, incentive campaigns, or sales contests all have the same […]

Article June 2015

Peer-to-peer Recognition: A Powerful Motivational Tool!

Do you recognize your colleagues? We asked this question in our last blog post. […]

Article April 2015

Recognition And Profits: A Win-win Situation!

How exactly can employee recognition lead to more profits? In our previous post, we […]

Article March 2015
colors at work

How colors impact productivity in the workplace

What color should you paint your office? You want it to be beautiful, but what if I […]

Article March 2015
Tips on communication at work

10 Steps for Better Communication at Work

Communication at work can be tricky. Do you know how to make a point and communicate […]

Article March 2015

How To Overcome Psychological Distress In Call Centres

In our previous article Stress And Psychological Distress In Call Centres, we […]

Article February 2015
physical activity at work yoga

Benefits Of Physical Activity In The Workplace

Are you looking for ways to foster your employees’ productivity? Try working […]

Article February 2015

How To Demotivate Your Employees: 4 Short Stories

Motivated, demotivated. It’s a beat that sounds like: “I’m happy, I’m […]

Article January 2015

8 Reasons You Don’t Recognize Your Employees

Do you take the time to thank your employees? The effectiveness of recognition on […]

Article January 2015

Highlights from NIBC 2015

Press Releases January 2015
happiness at work

New Year’s Resolutions For Happiness In The Workplace

For many people, a new year is the opportunity to turn the page and start a new […]

Article January 2015
recognizing employees with a web platform

4 Reasons To Use Web Technologies To Recognize Employees

You have been working on a really complex problem for a couple of hours. You finally […]

Article December 2014
salaries and recognition

Salary Increase And Non Monetary Recognition

The end the year is upon us, and for many of us, that means salary increase, end of […]

Article December 2014
happiness at work

Believing In What You Do To Be Passionate About Your Work

Work takes up a big chunk of our life: in terms of time, physical and psychological […]

Article October 2014

5 Good Reasons To Laugh At Work

It’s so good to laugh, whether in your personal life or at work! In spite of this, […]

Article September 2014

The Happiness Benchmark: How Much Do You Need To Earn To Be Happy At Work?

We all agree: money is an interesting topic. Why? Because we can do lots of things […]

Article September 2014
stress in call centers

Stress And Psychological Distress In Call Centers

Fatigue, stress, anxiety, irritability, burn out, are some of the difficulties that […]

Article August 2014
Altrum recognition - Signas of psychological distress at work

Recognition And Authenticity

In one of our blog posts, we discussed the 4 Elements for Effective Recognition: […]

Article August 2014
bad employee performance and how to counter it

What Do You Know About Employees Who Are Not Engaged?

Based on a 2013 Gallup study, 70% of employees say they are not engaged and 14% […]

Article August 2014