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65+ Years of manufacturing experience serving Promotional Product Distributors, Point-of-Purchase & display fabricators, Bath manufacturers and more.

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Celebration Awards

White label Awards, Trophies, and Deal Toys with competitive pricing allowing for distributor margins.

Custom acrylic production for point-of-purchase, bath components or other creative projects.

Custom work is our speciality

We are a leading custom acrylic manufacturer, providing high-quality, customized acrylic products for various industries. Our skilled team uses state-of-the-art technology and premium materials to create durable and beautiful displays, signage, furniture, and more.

Acrylic pouring in a mould
Resin 3d printer

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With Altrum is...

Working with a company that offers an exceptional experience. We provide high-level technical expertise, superior quality personalized products, meticulous attention to detail, fast production turnaround times, attentive customer service, and tailor-made solutions that meet each client’s specific needs.

The beauty and flexibility of acrylic

Acrylic provides unparalleled customization options such as color matching and object embedments. Over the years, we have successfully embedded an extensive range of items, such as cherished mementos, certificates, medical devices, oil, rocks, and countless other artifacts.

Made in Canada

Our products are made in Quebec, Canada and we can ship directly from Maine, USA.

We ship worldwide

We ship to more than 70 countries and will handle your shipping and duties.

Altrum Wholesale & Manufacturing Also means

A respectful partnership meant to last

Exclusive price for wholesalers
Protected prices to assure you the best deals

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