5 Reasons Why Awards Are Essential to Celebrations

March 2, 2022

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5 raisons pour lesquelles les trophées sont essentiels aux célébrations

Achievement awards and commemorative trophies have the power to shape our behavior. Celebratory awards and trophies increase motivation, produce inspiration, create bonds, and ultimately fuel productivity, but in all honesty that’s just the beginning of it! Altrum created a quick list below to highlight the 5 main values of celebrating with awards, so keep reading!

But first let’s review a few things, the giving and receiving of awards and trophies are a tradition that dates back to the origins of mankind. We can confirm that gifting in celebrations is an honorary ritual that has evolved, but most importantly here to stay for many more years to come. We can flash back to the early days of cave men who were presented fur skins to the best hunters, to present day, sparkling crystal awards at gala events.

Celebrate and Inspire with Meaning

Commemorating special moments and events individually and organizationally are crucial not only for celebration but for growth, empowerment, and honor. Awards are more than just tangible products and pieces of art or conversation starters – they are representative of a special moment in time, a respected individual, or a prized company or organization. The value in event commemorations is to showcase authentic respect and appreciation.

The importance of celebration is to ultimately honor the happy and joyous parts of life, in the office and outside of it. It is a human necessity to show thanks and gratitude by creating meaningful experiences through creating meaningful traditions of prizing those that achieve and succeed. Additionally, the importance of inspiration psychologically increases our mental strength, boost our spirits, and it pushes ourselves forward with confidence.

Altrum is a leader in celebration and inspiration, and when it comes to our store products and services, we deliver to the celebration moment by sparking inspirations not just for that day and time but for the moments that follow it. In this article we are going to explore how gifting awards to recipients in the workplace is a necessity, while also keeping in mind that this is relevant to outside work celebrations and events as well.

Every Celebration Needs Awards and Here is Why:

1 – Motivation

Giving trophies or awards to your MVP or employee motivates that individual to higher levels of performance and accomplishment. The psychology of motivation is to initiate and drive goal directed behavior. Awards undeniably induce and boost individual confidence, increase engagement, and fuel productivity. This in turn this creates an inspirating attitude to go higher and to do more in order to achieve greater success, and to ultimately win.

2 – Recognition

Distributing awards to those who are due their celebration, pays direct respect to the individual and their work. This gives the recipient a sense of accomplishment in those various milestones and achievements. When being presented with a unique and tangible award like an Altrum trophy, you are being recognized, thanked, and appreciated for all your hard work and dedication to achieving successful results. This recognition extends beyond the celebration itself as it champions an individual’s value of the hard labor and effort that got them there.

3 – Bonding

Awards in celebrations create memorable moments that realize and solidify company and employee relationships.  An Altrum trophy award reminds employees that they are integral members to the team and organization, which in turn creates a stronger professional bond of responsible contribution. Awards also create a personal connection for the employee to their company by commemorating the celebratory moment authentically. When receiving an honorary award, it clearly illustrates to the employee that their participation was and is crucial to the growth and development to the company or business.

4 – Culture

A positive work culture that shows attention, appreciation, and care for their employees is the only recipe for true business success. Celebrating individuals and teams where they are due credit creates loyalty between the company and its employee, which also creates higher employee retention. Championing workers with memorable Altrum awards puts a face to the accomplishment of achieving goals. Trophies and awards drive team morale and are used as an inspiration tool for other employees and colleagues in the company.

5 – Representation

At the end of the day, it is the takeaway prize that continues the conversation. Awards are a commemoration that represents a celebration in time of that individual. More specifically, Altrum trophies are leading signifiers of your work ethic, commitment, and personal evolution. Trophies and awards represent the individual’s character, actions and will. A keepsake reminder of success for the individual to demonstrate who they are and what they can do, while they may look back and say, ‘yeah, I did that!’!