Lucite & Acrylic Awards

Lucite, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, is a great material for awards due to its clarity, smooth texture, and malleability. Custom Lucite awards can take many shapes and forms; the material can be molded into elaborate custom 2D or 3D shapes. It can also be used to create sleek and elegant classic awards. Acrylic is particularly appealing because it’s the only material in which objects can be embedded—and look as if they were floating inside the award.
Based on the theme of your award ceremony, our team of artists will recommend a design that represents your brand well and resonates with recipients.

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Not feeling creative?

We have the most creative team at your disposal. Having a unique award doesn’t have to be complicated.

Corporate Awards

In the corporate world, awards are a great way to congratulate, recognize and motivate. You can use acrylic awards to show your appreciation in many ways:

  • Corporate awards to recognize top performers
  • Years of service awards to celebrate your employee’s tenure at the company
  • Industry awards to celebrate the top products and companies in the market
  • Corporate Lucite awards to recognize your partners, clients, or collaborator’s good work

Corporate awards can be very helpful in terms of employee motivation. Economist Bruno Frey says that when awards are designed properly, they can have a powerful effect on staff behavior. In fact, he argues that awards are much more powerful than cash to boost motivation

A well-designed award will make your recipient feel appreciated and instill a feeling of pride. You don’t need to do the hard work of thinking up each detail as our team of experts is here to help! You can be as involved as you’d like in the design process. If you’d like to take the creative lead for your Lucite trophy’s design, we will welcome all your ideas and turn them to reality. On the other hand, if creating corporate awards is deemed too time-consuming , you can completely delegate the task! We’ll be happy to send you proposals free of charge.


Custom Lucite Awards

Ou awards can be customized in a variety of ways. In its raw form, acrylic has the texture of cake batter. By default, it is clear, which makes it easy to add colors to achieve the desired shade. Colors can be opaque, transparent and even neon! The plexiglass mixture is then poured into custom molds and baked in pressurized ovens at high temperatures until hardened.

Acrylic awards require much care and manual work to be sanded and polished to perfection. Our team of experienced craftspeople know exactly how to make your lucite award perfect from every angle. Lucite trophies and awards make beautiful pieces. They look amazing when combined with other materials too. Metal and acrylic result in a modern, edgy looks, while wood will give your acrylic award a warm, inviting feel. Ask us to view some free custom designs to see what our team can do for you!


We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, it’s a job well done for us.