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June 6, 2022

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As a manager, recognizing and appreciating your team on a daily basis is essential. In addition to reinforcing positive behaviors and mobilizing work teams, recognition can become a real performance lever.

In this age of choice, recognition is becoming a key criterion for attracting and retaining the best employees.

However, effective recognition remains a challenge. Every manager and organization has different needs and realities. That’s why we’ve created the Orange Program a unique training program, tailored to all industries.

What is the Orange Program?



The Orange Program is a unique training course that allows managers and team leaders to integrate the principles and techniques of recognition to their daily routines, in order to encourage employees’ commitment and loyalty.

A formula that suits your needs

6-week formula
Number of participants: Minimum 1 participant required
Start date: At participant’s discretion
Advantage: Get +15 downloadable and reusable tools
100% online training

A Journey to Transform Your Organization Into a Stimulating, Engaging and Rewarding Workplace 



The Orange Program has a number of features that makes it unique and effective in transforming managers.

Behavior-Based Training

The essence of the Orange Program course is based on a clear objective: to induce lasting, concrete and measurable changes in behavior. Rather than simply providing theoretical knowledge, this training aims to directly influence the way managers interact with their teams on a daily basis. The focus is on observable transformations that can be evaluated and integrated into day-to-day management.

Microlearning and Work-Integrated Training

To adapt to professional realities, the Orange Program is designed in a microlearning format, divided into a few capsules of maximum 30 minutes, over a period of 6 consecutive weeks. This approach allows participants to engage in learning activities flexibly, without excessively disrupting their professional responsibilities. Managers can gradually integrate the principles of recognition into their routines, encouraging a natural, practical assimilation of the skills acquired.

Mixed Learning Strategy

The Orange Program is much more than a theoretical course where a trainer passes on information to the learner. It’s a training program made up of captivating video capsules, stimulating questionnaires, moments of self-reflection, practical challenges, and structured group discussions. This blended approach guarantees complete immersion, promoting a thorough understanding of recognition concepts. By combining these different modalities, this course adapts to a variety of learning styles, offering a rich and engaging experience.

Practical Tools

The Orange Program offers a range of practical tools designed to reinforce learning and facilitate the practical application of recognition concepts. These include reminders of key principles, interactive card games to energize recognition sessions, online videos for an immersive, visual approach, and downloads for quick access to essential resources. This variety of tools guarantees a rich and diversified learning experience, adapted to the different learning styles of participants.

Evaluation of Results

Measuring the concrete impact of a training is essential, which is why the Orange Program incorporates real-time tracking mechanisms. Follow participants’ progress throughout the course and benefit from a detailed evaluation of results.

How does this training benefit managers?



Cultivating a Culture of Recognition:

The Orange Program is a catalyst for cultural transformation within the company. By following this training, managers are guided to integrate recognition into the very fabric of organizational culture, creating an environment conducive to fulfillment and appreciation.

Increase Employee Engagement:

According to GSoft, 78% of employees would be more motivated if they received regular recognition. Through the Orange Program, managers develop the skills to recognize and appreciate their team’s contributions, fueling lasting motivation and increased job satisfaction.

Developing Leadership Skills:

The Orange Program training offers an enriching perspective on developing leadership skills for managers. By taking this course, leaders acquire practical tools and advanced strategies to better motivate their teams. They learn how to cultivate inspiring leadership, encourage autonomy within their team, and promote positive communication. By reinforcing these skills, managers are better equipped to create a more productive work environment while fostering a collaborative and innovative corporate culture.

Reduce Staff Turnover:

A direct consequence of the regular recognition taught by this workshop is a reduction in staff turnover. By creating an environment where employees feel valued, this training helps to strengthen employee loyalty to the company, reducing the costs associated with recruiting and replacing staff. Even the SHRM says so: companies that practice recognition on a daily basis experience a 23% reduction in turnover.

Optimize Overall Performance:

By putting the Orange principles into practice, managers are able to optimize their teams’ overall performance. Regular recognition translates into increased productivity and more positive results for the company as a whole.

For more benefits on how managers can integrate recognition practices, download our free infographic.

We Answer Your Questions About the Orange Program!



  • How to access the learning platform? 
    • Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email with your access to the platform. We remain available at all times if you need technical support.
  • I would like to do the training privately, is it possible?  
    • Absolutely! In this case, the 6-week formula is perfect for you.
  • what does a typical week look like while doing the training? 
    • The weeks follow each other but are not alike! The idea is to take you out of your comfort zone, little by little, with challenges that you can do directly with your teams. You will have access to videos, and insightful resources, and will be required to complete self-assessment questionnaires. Additionally, you will find practical tools, which will serve as helpful reminders at the end of your course.
  • Do I keep the tools at the end of the course? 
    • Yes, most of the tools are in PDF format on the learning platform, and can be downloaded from the learning platform.
  • How much does each formula cost? 
    • The 6-week training is available at an introductory price of $495 per participant.*

In conclusion, the Orange Program offers a concrete opportunity for managers and supervisors to transform their management approach by effectively integrating recognition into their daily practices. At the end of the course, they will be better equipped to mobilize their teams in a meaningful way, which will not only improve employee retention, engagement and well-being, but also help develop a culture where every contribution is valued. Learn how to recognize your team’s strengths and contributions, and move your organization forward one gesture of recognition at a time. To find out more about the transformative potential of the Orange Program, click here!

The Author

Annie Breton,CRP

Senior Account Executive, Recognition Solutions

Armed with a marketing degree, Annie became part of the Altrum team three decades ago, progressing through various roles throughout the years. Her ability to connect with people, her passion for her work and her authenticity led her to specialize in recognition solutions over the past decade. Annie is recognized for her in-depth expertise in best practices and her proactivity in meeting customer requirements.


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