10 Modern Gift Ideas to Celebrate Years of Service

August 8, 2019

In Employee Engagement

Modern gift ideas for years of service

Often, people associate year of service gifts with gold watches. Although they were very fashionable accessories in the 80s, and even though “vintage” is becoming trendy again, receiving a gold watch may not be the gift everyone dreams of! In light of the generational, cultural and personal preference differences of each person, it is wise to invest in a personalized corporate gift that will really please the recipient. After all, what good is it to make an effort to recognize your employees if the symbol of your gratitude ends up at the bottom of a drawer? 

Here are some great employee gift ideas to inspire you! 

1. Wireless headphones 

2. A spa package

3. Wine glasses

4. A high-speed experience 

5. Sports accessories 

6. Accessories for an artistic hobby 

7. Unique decorative items 

8. A subscription to a culinary service

9. An instant camera 

10. A coffee table book   

All these unique corporate gifts are available through the Celebration platform gift store! Want to build an exception gifting program for your employees ? Read our simple et comprehensive guide on employee gifts ! 


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