Crystal Deal Toys

Your deal gifts should make a statement in your offices. Creating a financial tombstone out of crystal will certainly do the trick! Using crystal as your material of choice can take many different shapes and forms…literally! While this material tends to add a good amount of weight to your deal gift, which is a favorite amongst many, most don’t know that it’s also extremely customizable. As a deal toy material, crystal can incorporate mesmerizing colors and take many different shapes.

As you scroll through the crystal tombstone gallery, please make sure to take note of the number of unique deal toy designs we’ve created over the years! It will inspire us to create a unique piece just for you!

Celebrating a recent deal? We are the original inventors of deal toys and can deliver the most meaningful M&A tombstone for you. Contact us or request a free design.

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Do you need custom ideas for your tombstone project?

We have the most creative team at your disposal. Having a unique tombstone isn’t complicated with Altrum, the original inventor of deal toys.

Why Crystal Financial Tombstone
& Trophies Are So Popular

The traditional view for a financial tombstone is a crystal rectangle on a base. As you look around your office, take a mental survey. Surely, you see them all over the place. While these are held in high regard amongst all recipients, crystal can do a lot more. For example, a fan favorite is a classic 3D etching within a crystal. This is the only material where lasers can meet in the middle to create small scratches within the crystal to create an internal picture.

Maybe your project deal name was Project Eagle: let’s 3D etch an eagle holding onto a twig flying in midair. Maybe you want to find a unique way to emphasize your client’s logo; why not 3D etch it within a crystal shape, such a tilted cube? Maybe you’re dealing with diamonds on your next closing; let’s start with a 3D crystal shaped like a diamond and go from there. But why stop there? The possibilities are endless.

The traditional view-financial tombstone

Crystal can be customized with many different effects: it can be sandblasted, etched, etched and color filled, engraved, and molded. It is for all of these reasons that crystal tends to be the preferred material in many industries. To list a few:

  • Real estate likes to create many crystal building replicas. With just a few images of the building or even just the address alone, our team can create an exact replica for your desk or shelf.
  • With a lot of healthcare firms, they like to create a crystal-shaped pill or pill bottle.
  • Or even with sports: after creating a mold in the shape of a football, for example, we can create the crystal to be that exact shape.
  • We can even 3D etch directly from a photo – if you’ve got a loved or even an animal (maybe a mascot) that you’d like to incorporate into your deal toy, we have you covered!

Check out some examples and descriptions in our blog post about Laser Etching. If you can think it, we can create it.


Please also keep in mind that another common name for crystal is glass, which can get a little confusing at times. These are synonymous; in the deal toy world, they mean the same thing! Crystal is not always clear either: we have many colored crystal options being used for today’s deal toys. Since these are not opaque, they still keep their “crystal look.” Printing colors on the base, or bottom, of the deal toy, also creates a fun illusion.

Using crystal as the material for your next deal toy will create a classic and refined showstopper on anyone’s desk. We design it, create it, polish it, and send it off to be a point of pride that you or your client can showcase and physically keep with you for a lifetime.


Stand Out With a Crystal Banking Tombstone

Celebrating your deals with something as memorable and as classy as a crystal will make your design truly stand out above the rest. To create a memorable deal gift, there are many details to consider: design, how many units you will need, materials, budget, timing, what you’ll want it to say, what you’ll want it to represent. Take it from us, choosing crystal as your next material for a deal toy will allow you to create something timeless.

  • Let Altrum help you create the crystal tombstone of your dreams. As mentioned, the possibilities are endless. While we have leading technology within all materials, we also love to learn and grow with new technologies that will make your financial tombstone drawings and ideas come to life. Next time, you have a closing dinner, feel free to contact us to get started on your own unique crystal tombstone, we would love to work with you! Make sure your clients are taken back by the quality of the tombstone you gift them. And who knows, maybe next time you visit the gallery, your crystal tombstone will be on this list!

We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, it’s a job well done for us.