2022 Resolutions – The Year of Getting it Done!

January 24, 2022

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There is no better way to start a new year than with a list of goals and improvements to achieve. As we enter 2022, it is undeniable that our plates are already being filled up with events, tasks and deliverables, personally and professionally. Altrum is here to help you start your new year resolutions list one success driven goal at a time. We even tailored a feature list of deal toys to accompany each resolution to help inspire your achievements and celebrations to come, (click here to see why deal toys should be a part of your celebratory practice)! This is your year!

Let’s get this year started right!

1. Manage Time Better

As the saying goes – time is money. With that sentiment, time management is at the top of our list, as we are sure it is yours. Every successfully minded individual understands the importance of time to accomplish all that you need to do. No more missed meetings or excuses, it’s time to begin managing with efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity! This is a new year and we are starting off fresh!

Not only is there value in managing your time better to get all your work done – imagine allocating time accordingly to even exceed expectations on all your to-dos!  Making time management a priority resolution will additionally, make you a better professional and happier individual. By taking responsibility of not only your time but those of others is indeed a greatly noted character trait to have.

Now, how do you do it?! We have some recommendations to start you off with some helpful tools and techniques.

How to manage time – Altrum suggests:

  • Allocating set times and durations for each of your tasks. Want to see where you are spending all your time? Try this helpful tool; Rescue Time, it even helps you set goals and alerts!
  • Next map out your to-dos by creating a weekly time-table project plan and give each item an appropriate day for it to be done by. You can use something like Asana, a calendar and timeline tracking software for all your projects and plans.
  • Track time in real-time! Boost your productivity by keeping track of your time and task intervals using a desktop embedded clock like Pomodoro.

Time-Managed Deal Toy Project

2. Organize to Optimize

Successful effectiveness truly begins with organization. I would like to highlight here that a ‘clear space’ is truly a ‘clear mind’. By taking the time to organize the spaces of where you spend a lot of your time, you will significantly improve concentration and ease, to go from one thing to another with order and logic.

If your desk is cluttered, you may want to spend some time to set yourself up for work optimization by organizing it before you tackle any work tasks and deliverables. Once you do you will see an exponential improvement in thought clarity and information processing.

Now what about those files you have? Here comes the brilliance of color coding and strategic filing systems!

  • First – declutter, as important as it is at your desk – it is in your files too. Delete and archive what you no longer need.
  • Second, assign different topics to different colors – helping you visually separate categories can help you process information easier and quicker.
  • Third, organize files by key naming elements such as: title, date, project or department/branch. Incorporating a consistent naming convention is the secret to self-preservation and time optimization.

Lastly, organize your schedule on a weekly and maybe even daily basis, to get through all your projects, deliverables, and personal to-dos. Compartmentalization is key here. Take time to divide work and your free time into sections and categories – just like you did for those files!

Organized Deal Toy Project

3. Get Healthy and Fit

No resolution list is complete without checking in on our physical and mental health for the year. It really is true what they say about our minds being connected to our bodies. Keeping in shape does not only boost your serotonin levels, which increases our happy hormones, it also helps our brain think more clearly and critically!

In a study that was done by the University of British Columbia, researchers found that when you maintain a regular exercise schedule and actually stick to it – the hippocampus in our brain gets boosted in size to improve our learning and verbal memory, in other words, this helps us develop stronger thinking skills1.

Here’s are a few other key benefits that come with exercise:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Heightens energy levels and mood
  • Combats health conditions and diseases
  • Promotes better sleep

Eating right is also crucial. Our bodies need fuel to operate and if we are not mindful about what we eat we are left with the repercussions of its effects. Eating healthier and cleaner will improve your mind and body performance. The mind and body go hand in hand, when we are talking about our health, diet and exercise, as both support each other in making us stronger, sharper, and leaner.

So, what are you waiting for!? Get those sneaks on! Hop on that Peloton and get your blood pumping to give your brain the oxygen and nutrients it needs and deserves. Don’t forget to make a post-work out smoothie.

Health Deal Toy Project

4. Adopt Curiosity

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates

This resolution may have a bit of a different approach to the rest of your goals on the list, this year. The opportunity here is to spark creativity and inspiration through adopting a curious mindset. When you take the time to explore topics, subjects and events that aren’t in your usual range of consumption you are opening the door to becoming a stronger thought thinker. Socrates really might just know what he is talking about.

Consider, curiously exploring different areas of the world by reading world events. Maybe, you might even want to try to read that one review on the new MET exhibition and see how others are interpreting a certain piece of art. There is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for us to uncover it.

Why might you do this you may ask? Adding curiosity to your resolution list for this year will grow you as much professionally as it will personally. Not only will you have the benefit of learning something new in the process of wonder, it can also potentially help inspire your next big idea! You never know what might just birth that new innovative business move or process to help shape the future of your business. Potentially lining you up for a promotion!

Explore and absorb it all – the world is your oyster.

Inspired Deal Toy Project

5. Take More Time for Yourself

We fully understand that your job can get demanding and working 60 – 80+ hour work weeks might just be the norm for some. However, please do not underestimate the value of taking time off to reset and recharge. Studies show that when we sign-off for a little while it actually can improve our job performance, motivation, health and perspective!

For some of you, taking time for yourself may be spending more time with family and friends, or it might mean getting through your personal to-dos. Maybe even, finally considering to read that book that’s been collecting dust. Our favorite – personal days – better yet, a personal vacation! Prioritizing personal time is crucial for our overall well-being, as well as professional stamina and performance.

For additional inspirational purposes, of course we made a list!


  • Spend some time outdoors, connect with nature by going for a hike or doing a picnic!
  • Visit a museum or go to a concert – whatever your style and pace is.
  • Find a restaurant to visit that makes your favorite food.


  • Read a book. Maybe choose one that is different from your usual picks, meet your other resolution by exploring your curiosity.
  • Make your favorite dish – from scratch.
  • Meditate – the health effects of this one is astonishing. If you haven’t given it a try yet, we highly recommend.

Take some time this year to truly do what drives you, inspires you or relaxes you. Time is a curious thing – we as humans think we have so much of it, but in reality, it can easily be absorbed by 101 other things. Prioritize yourself and do with your time as you see fit. This is your time, for you, spend it how you want.

Jet-Set Deal Toy Project

One more time, for 2022 and you!

Let’s make one more final toast to you! By recognizing and celebrating how far you have come, and for the great year you are about to have! Take this list as a recommendation or starting point to prioritize, optimize and enjoy all that 2022 has to offer, and your accomplishments to come! Cheers!

Champagne Toast Deal Toy Project

Do you have a celebration in the works? Contact us today to start planning your deal toy project!


Source :

  1. Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills, Harvard Health Publishing


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