Four Ways to Celebrate a Major Transaction

February 26, 2020

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Fun ways to incorporate investment banking deal toys into a closing celebration.

Explore a few different ways to celebrate your next transaction. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to impress your team.

When deciding how you want to celebrate, your mind can go a number of ways. While investment banking deal toys are the most traditional and most memorable way of celebrating any financial deal, within the past few years there have been additional ways of celebrating with the bankers in mind. Yes, all celebrations focus on the hard work that is put in, but there are also many different ways of doing so.

You’ve put in hours, sweat, and maybe even tears into closing this deal… now what? Let the fun begin!

This will certainly include celebrating and most likely an investment banking deal toy. You and your deal team have worked very hard, so it’s time to let off some steam. We’ve rounded up a few popular options on how to celebrate after closing a deal; whichever you decide to do, you will be sure to impress your MD and team.  

1. Have an experience.

This is a very popular option. Depending on the deal team size and their preferences, you can have a picnic or a brunch with your colleagues. Pack up some tote bags full of finger foods and champagne. If weather permits, this could make for a great day! Outings can be a great way to not only celebrate, but to bond with the team. This creates an emphasis on team members having an environment, outside of the office, where they can be comfortable with one another.

There are a few different routes to take here since there are many different characters on a team. You might have a group or team who needs to let off steam and get loud! Then you might have a team who sees this as more of a relaxing experience and want to decompress from a hard couple of weeks at work. Either way, there’s a solution:

Celebration ideas for all the extroverts:

  • Karaoke night
  • Improv show or workshop
  • Escape the room
  • Sports game

Some quieter ideas that can ease your work life:

  • Painting or cooking class
  • Office trivia
  • Spa day
  • Volunteer event


Black canvas bag with company logo on front

Creating a tote bag for an event like this can last a lifetime. To customize, you can be as classic as just your company logo, or you can highlight deal terms like you would on a traditional financial tombstone. Not only will you have somewhere to bring your snacks, sunblock, and games but you’ll have a bag that can be useful for anything else. This can be used in your day to day, to the gym, for travel: you name it!

2. Plan a trip to honor the deal.

Get your passport out and ready to get stamped! If your deal size allows, why not celebrate with a memento gift and a trip out of town? This is not only a great way to celebrate the hard work you’ve done on this deal, but a great way to reset your mind from work. Therefore, upon returning you will be refreshed and ready to work just as hard as you did on the last deal.

This option of leaving town is becoming more and more popular amongst companies. If you’ve worked on a big deal, you might want to travel to the nearest ski slope with your crew.  Maybe it’s summertime? Go on and hit the beach.

It’s the perfect opportunity to create deal gifts that represent this trip. This way upon arriving back to your desk, you’ll not only have the memories and photos to hold onto, but a deal toy that can serve as a motivational factor to keep you going on the next one. Imagine looking at that deal toy on your desk and thinking, “okay, where to next?”

Ski themed financial tombstone

Trips are tricky when trying to incorporate a memento. Getting creative with locations on your deal toy is always fun. Going to Aspen for some time on the slopes? Create a ski-themed design: this will help the recipients associate the trip with the deal.

3. Host a closing dinner.

The most traditional of them all: honor your deal with a closing dinner. This will solely focus on the financial tombstones. You’ll eat, you’ll laugh, you’ll receive a gift. It’s short and sweet and shows your appreciation.

While this is the most common option, it can also be the least amount of work. Since you’re all in the same location, it’s easy to rent out a private room in the restaurant downstairs you all like and celebrate there. Additionally, there’s not too much setup involved here. As the restaurant will usually have everything prepped and ready before arrival. Need some restaurant recommendations? Look no further, we’ve gathered a few popular locations based on different cities. 

Before arriving, you can give them a headcount, reserve party trays or plan a sit-down meal. Discuss with the restaurant if anyone has food allergies as well. Possibilities are really endless here.

Towards the end of the night, make sure to turn everyone’s attention to the front of the room where the deal gifts are usually sitting waiting to be taken home! And the best part? No cleanup!

Classic logo memento gift

Keep it classic! Creating a traditional deal toy to gift at a closing dinner can also go a long way. Incorporate the company logo and the second you walk by it, you’ll know exactly what you worked on.

4. Give something that’s beyond deal gifts.

This option is certainly on a smaller scale but just as personal and meaningful as a financial tombstone. To create something with the team member in mind shows you care. Especially if it’s something they can actually use every day.

This could be something that keeps their desk organized, or something they can fidget with when the next closing is difficult to get to the finish line. To keep the celebration in mind, use the company logo or maybe even an inside joke that has to do with the deal. There are many options here and your team will greatly appreciate it.

Business card holder as a deal gifts

A business card holder with personalization is always a hit! You can include any logo that highlights the transaction or deal. Even personalize with job title or name!

What these investment banking celebration ideas all have in common is that they’re fun!

It’s important to create a physical reminder for the work that was put into any project or closing. It not only shows appreciation, but it creates a standing memory. This is great for morale amongst the team. You’ll want to have more than the memory of these celebrations you’ll be planning; a physical memento gift is unforgettable.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your closing, let us help you supplement the fun with a physical reminder of the work you put in. Who doesn’t like to show off their deals on their desk? We sure do! Let’s brainstorm together!

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