Work on Your Employer Brand … from the Inside

January 17, 2020

In Recruitment and Employer Brand

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It is no secret that organizations spend fortunes to attract and recruit new talent. To fill a new position, a study by SHRM estimates that the average acquisition cost is $ 4,129. LinkedIn calculates a cost of 200% of a productive employee’s annual salary to replace that employee. On top of that, consider that employees change jobs every 3 to 5 years on average, and you will soon realize that the cost of acquiring new talent cannot be taken lightly!

What can be done to attract – but above all keep – good employees? According to LinkedIn, 44% of companies surveyed plan to increase investment in their employer brand. The idea behind the employer brand concept is to demonstrate an attractive and distinctive Employee Value Proposition (PVE) to attract the best talent.

Attracting is one thing but retaining is another. If you are one of those who preach to develop a strong and inviting external image, make sure you can keep your promises. There is nothing more damaging than making big promises to future employees and not being able to keep them once they are in their positions.

The idea we propose here is to work on your employer brand from the inside out. The more you develop a strong corporate culture and a great place to learn and work, the more positively you will be referred to and will therefore be in a good position to attract better candidates.

Looking for ideas to work on your employer brand from the inside? Here are some effective and concrete solutions you can implement immediately:

Give your employees a voice

Allow employees to express their opinions in order to improve procedures and the work environment using surveys, a suggestion box, organizing Town Hall-type meetings, or setting up an employee committee to organize social activities, publicly recognize employees’ successes using a social recognition platform, etc.

Develop your staff

Regularly give positive and/or constructive feedback, develop training plans adapted to the needs and interests of employees, give tools to managers so that they can further motivate and hire their employees (like the Orange Program!), etc.

Celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate again!

Impressive results, improvement of KPI’s, teamwork, corporate values, years of service… so many opportunities to highlight and to show our appreciation to our employees. Kill two birds with one stone by posting a few photos of the celebration on your social networks and promote your TRUE corporate culture!


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