Recognizing From a Distance: List of Resources for Your Managers

March 20, 2020

In Employee Engagement

teletravail - boite a outil du gestionnaire

Closed shops, deserted streets and kids at home, the global health crisis forces us to rapidly re-think our work practices. Some companies already have what they need to effectively work from home, while for others, it may an abrupt initiation to a virtual workplace.

Here are some tools and tips we curated to ease the transition towards this new reality, all while keeping spirits high.

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1. Work from Home Resources   

2. How to Stay Close While Apart  

3. Keep Psychological Health Top of Mind

4. Celebrate! Because we Can All Use Some Positivity

Here is a wonderful guide to help you transition to your newly remote environment.

Whichever work situation you find yourself in, with the right tools and the right mindset, you can continue to vehiculate your company culture and engage your employees from a distance.


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