Metal Deal Toys

Using metal can truly elevate any deal toy. While metal can be common to use for deal toys in specific industries, we encourage all industries to take a look through the gallery for inspiration. Our leading technology allows us to have some awesome examples of metal banking tombstones. Altrum’s team is always looking for new machinery and technologies for our clients—and our metal craftsmanship is no exception. We truly pride ourselves on bringing you the best and newest ideas for your next deal toy.

Celebrating a recent deal? We are the original inventors of deal toys and can deliver the most meaningful M&A tombstone for you. Contact us or request a free design.

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Do you need custom ideas for your tombstone project?

We have the most creative team at your disposal. Having a unique tombstone isn’t complicated with Altrum, the original inventor of deal toys.

How to Incorporate Metal
Into Your Finance Tombstone

There are a number of ways you can start to incorporate metal into your tombstone. We’ll go through a few exciting examples that are sure to impress. Let’s start small: one extremely popular option is to incorporate it into your tombstone as a base. It not only adds dimension and variety to what could be thought of as a traditional design, but this can also add a little bit of weight to it. It won’t be as heavy as a crystal, but it would not be as light as lucite.

It’s a happy medium, if that’s what you’re looking for.

It won't be as heavy as Crystal

Metal is also a great material to include in mixed material designs. It pairs exceptionally well with crystal, wood, and lucite. It serves as a great contrast! Metal can be cut into a number of different shapes and can also be cut within. For example, if you cut out the outline of a building (windows and all) and have a lucite slab in the background, this could all a lot of variety to what could have been something like a deal toy you’ve already seen before.

This material gets used most often within the Industrials world. We can have cut out medal slabs and shapes, which tend to be on theme for most of the deals they close. With that being said, your piece does not have to be a hard slab of metal. Since we are always looking for new materials to use, we have found technologies and resources set in places where we can provide laminates. Laminate sheets have a number of different textures that can add value to any design. We have a full catalog of different textures that will be just right for your design!

Metal is also a great material to include in mixed material designs

The metal designs are made by hand, brushing, grinding, oxidizing and aging metals to create standout designs. By just adding one of these textured laminates, your piece will come to life. Picture this: a rectangle on a base. Now picture this: a rectangle on a base with a metal laminate. Same shape, but new textures! It’s a great way to liven up a traditional design and make it a little more unique. Another popular option is to place your deal text on a metal plate.

This can add another layer and break up the color of the base, therefore really making your eye go straight to the deal information.

Metal Tombstones Are the New Trend

Let Altrum get you ahead of the trend. To gift a deal toy is always sincerely appreciated, but to give away a unique tombstone that has not been seen before is absolutely unforgettable. Make sure you are the one to gift a memorable design. As you scroll through a number of our favorite designs that incorporate metal, think about your pipeline? Have anything that you think might work with the above material. Maybe using some copperstainless steelbrassaluminumiron, the list goes on! Or let us show you some plating options: gold, metal, brass.

Let us know and we can help with your brainstorming session. Our artists from around the world have knowledge of all materials and procedures and will make sure we take your next deal toy to the next level.

This can add another layer and enticing people's eyes to look right at the deal information.

We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, it’s a job well done for us.