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Insights on Fund Finance from Neno Raic – Altrum

TLDR Neno Raic, Co-Founder of NLC, shares insights on fund finance. With a […]

Article July 2024

Investment Banking Insights from MD Justine Mannering – Altrum

TLDR Justine Mannering, MD at Stifel, New York, shares insights on investment […]

Article July 2024

Insights & Career Advice from Karan Goyal – Altrum

TLDR: Karan Goyal, Managing Director at Emirates NBD, shares insights on […]

Article July 2024

19 Quebec Gift Ideas to Recognize Your Employees

Find unique and affordable gift ideas for your employees by supporting Quebec […]

Article June 2024

Maren Winnick: Leader in Biotech Investment Banking

TLDR: Maren Winnick, Senior MD at Evercore, shares insights on leadership and […]

Article June 2024

Armin Heuberger’s Investment Banking Strategies

TLDR: Armin Heuberger, former Managing Director, Head of ECM Germany/Austria & […]

Article June 2024

Dominic Lester: Insights in Investment Banking – Altrum

TLDR: Dominic Lester, EMEA Head of Investment Banking at Jefferies, shares insights […]

Article June 2024

Management Innovation: The Orange Program Boosts Recognition in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie

Case Studies June 2024

Employee Gift Ideas: Cultivating a Culture of Recognition

From traditional gifts to modern gadgets and unique experiences, find ideas suited […]

Article June 2024

Maria Watts’ Insights on Success in Investment Banking

TLDR: Maria Watts, Managing Director at Baird, shares her journey in investment […]

Article May 2024
peer recognition

Build a Culture of Recognition in the Workplace

Discover how innovative employee recognition initiatives can boost motivation and […]

Article May 2024

What steps are taken to ensure my deal toy doesn’t break in transit?

At Altrum, we take pride in producing deal toys of the utmost quality and understand […]

Article May 2024

Steve Hufford’s Investment Banking Leadership Insights – Episode 10

TLDR: Steve Hufford, COO at Raymond James, discusses vital leadership lessons in […]

Article May 2024

Leaders are Readers: A Reading List for Investment Bankers

Investment Banking Reading List: Essential Titles for Success In the dynamic world […]

Article May 2024

Master the Market with Series 2 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast!

The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast: Dive Deeper in Series 2! Get Inspired & […]

Article May 2024

Managerial Training: A Guide to Transform Your Workplace

Unlock the secrets to transforming your workplace from within, with our […]

Article April 2024
reconnaissance entre pairs

Peer-to-Peer Recognition: A Powerful Motivational Tool

Do you recognize your colleagues? We asked this question in our last blog post. […]

Article April 2024

How the SPVG Integrates Recognition Into its Organizational Culture With the Orange Program

Discover how the SPVG integrates recognition into its organizational culture thanks […]

Case Studies April 2024

4 Ways to Reconnect With Nature

Offer your employees a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect, and take action for […]

Article March 2024

All About Shipping Costs

Breaking down and understanding the complexities of shipping costs can often feel […]

Article February 2024

The Importance of Mentorship in Investment Banking

It is widely known in Investment Banking that it is an apprenticeship, and no amount […]

Article February 2024

Nortera: How the Orange Program Transformed Recognition at Work

Explore how Nortera, leader in plant-based food, has revolutionized recognition at […]

Case Studies February 2024

What is deal text?

When opening a new deal toy project, our focus is often on the design portion of the […]

Article February 2024

Employee Gifts: A simple, Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the secrets of meaningful workplace gift-giving with our comprehensive guide! […]

Article February 2024

What is on my sales order?

You’ve probably heard of a Sales Order before, so we’ll keep this one brief. […]

Article December 2023

The Ultimate Calendar for the Appreciative Manager

Tool December 2023

HR Calendar

Tool December 2023

9 Recognition Strategies to Improve Employee Motivation

Investing in employee well-being is essential to the success of your business. Happy […]

Article December 2023

What is an outsourced item?

What is an outsourced item and what are the pros and cons of using them? Outsourced […]

Article December 2023

Can I skip ordering a prototype?

In short, yes. But there are some things you should know… When you order a deal […]

Article December 2023

What are the different kinds of design requests?

When you open a new deal toy project with us here at Altrum, the first steps will be […]

Article December 2023
Cadeaux employés populaires en 2023

The Most Popular Employee Gifts in 2023 and Trends For 2024

Article November 2023
Two people shaking hands

What is the toughest role transition in Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is not an easy career path! Every role transition challenges you […]

Article November 2023
Investment Banking Leaders Podcast Logo

Series 1 Recap – The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast

And just like that, it’s a wrap! Series 1 of The Investment Banking Leaders […]

Article November 2023
Chinese New Year envelopes

What is Lunar New Year, and how does it affect deal toy manufacturing?

What is Lunar New Year, and how does it affect deal toy manufacturing? Lunar New […]

Article November 2023

Episode 8: Peter Shin of Stifel

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article October 2023

What is an EORI number?

In the world of deal toys, you want things delivered fast. And while we do […]

Article October 2023

Episode 7: Sher Hafeez of JLL

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast, hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article October 2023

Episode 6: Alessio Pieri of d’Angelin

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article October 2023
question mark drawing with pencil and eraser

What is the deal toy ordering process like?

If you’re looking to order a deal toy for the first time, you’ve come to the […]

Article October 2023

Episode 5: Charles Godbout of PwC

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast, hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article October 2023

Episode 4: Rusty Ray of Alantra

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article October 2023

Episode 3: Scott Wieler of DC Advisory

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast, hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article September 2023

Episode 2: Noha El Ghazaly of Mediterrania

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article September 2023
Businessman select all pros and cons in front of grey wall

Comparing Deal Toy Vendor Reviews

Reviews offer valuable insights into a vendor’s reliability, quality, and […]

Article September 2023

The Perfect Guide to Ordering a Deal Toy

Completing an M&A (Merger and acquisition), IPO, or any significant financial […]

Article September 2023

Episode 1: Gokhan Ozkan of J.P. Morgan

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast, hosted by Altrum’s […]

Article September 2023
Going Public Stock Market Initial Offering IPO 3d Illustration

Key Considerations for Designing Your IPO Tombstone

You’ve done it! Your company is now public, and the IPO is a resounding […]

Article September 2023
M&A Merger and acquisition business finance concept. Businessman pressing button.

Crafting the Perfect M&A Tombstone: A Quick Guide to Celebrate Your Monumental Deal

Congratulations on successfully closing your merger or acquisition deal! As you […]

Article September 2023
Lots of various cubes made of different materials

What Materials Are Best For Custom Financial Tombstones?

When it comes to celebrating a successful deal, a merger, or an acquisition, nothing […]

Article September 2023

How Deal Tombstones Are Made ?

Deal tombstones are commemorative mementos that mark the closure of a significant […]

Article September 2023
Business people meeting in conference room.

Investment Banking Deal Toys: Everything You Need to Know

You have a few questions on investment banking deal toys? Take a look at our guide […]

Article September 2023
Sand and golden glitter passing through the glass bulbs of an hourglass

Deal Toys: The History, Symbolism, and Global Importance

Want to learn everything about deal toys? Their history, significance, and the tales […]

Article September 2023
Investment Banking Leaders Podcast Logo

Welcome to The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast

What do you listen to on your commute to the office, on your way to grab a coffee, […]

Article August 2023

The Top 5 Most Famous Industrial Designers

If someone came up to you on your way to grab a coffee and asked you to name 1 […]

Article August 2023
deal toy case study

Lights, Camera, 3D Printed Action!

The key to a successful deal toy is ensuring it builds a personal connection with […]

Case Studies August 2023
when should you order a deal toy

When should you order a deal toy?

If we honestly had to ask you only one question when opening a new project, it would […]

Article August 2023

How Can Acrylic Recognition Awards Boost Motivation?

Boosting Motivation: The Power of Recognition through Deal Toys & Awards In […]

Article August 2023
Investment Banking team with a strong culture recognizing success

Building a Culture of Recognition in Investment Banking

Article July 2023
altrum deal toys setup cost factory

What is a setup cost?

Chances are, if you’ve created a deal toy with us here at Altrum, you’ve paid a […]

Article July 2023

The Impact of AI on Investment Banking

Article July 2023

How much does a deal toy cost?

Deal toys are special keepsakes given to celebrate the closing of financial […]

Article July 2023
Green and white floral textile photo from Unsplash.

Level Up: Design Movements (Part 2)

Welcome back to your crash course on popular design movements! Here, we’ll learn […]

Article July 2023
Multiple people drinking different cocktails and clinking them together.

The Best Outdoor Bars for Summer

Summer is approaching, which means it’s time for all the good things. The sun […]

Article July 2023

How do I come up with a design idea?

So, you’ve just closed a deal and your MD wants you to spearhead the deal toy […]

Article June 2023

Level Up: Design Movements

In today’s world, art can be anything. A mural, a piece of clothing, a building, […]

Article June 2023

What is Live Art?

A full inbox, 8 calls scheduled for this afternoon, and no time for lunch. We know […]

Article June 2023

10 Reasons to Improve your Recognition Practices

The benefits of recognition at work have long since been proven. Discover the 10 […]

Article May 2023
BuroPro Team


Case Studies May 2023

Karelab Joins the Altrum Family

Press Releases April 2023


Case Studies March 2023

Printable cards to recognize your employees

Tool March 2023

Holiday Cards

Tool March 2023

A Year in Review: Design Edition

What was your New Year’s Resolution? Here at Altrum, ours was simple; celebrate […]

Article February 2023

First Case Study

Case Studies January 2023


Case Studies January 2023

Assessing Company and Employee Performance

Conducting a professional review of your company and employees should be a common […]

Article December 2022
Deal Toy production challenges in China

Chinese New Year’s effect on tombstone industry

The deal gift industry predominately uses production in China, Europe and North […]

Article December 2022
La reconnaissance meilleur cadeau

Recognition: The Best Holiday Gift for your Employees

If employee recognition is on your to-do list, there has probably never been a […]

Article December 2022
activités des fêtes

Employee Engagement : 10 ideas for holiday team fun

Celebrating the holidays as a team in the office or remotely is always fun and […]

Article December 2022

Holiday Cards to Recognize Employees

Tool December 2022

Calendar Download!

Tool November 2022

Recognition Cards for National Boss Day!

Tool October 2022
Recognition of years of service

How Duvaltex simplified the commemoration of years of service

Case Studies October 2022
Emd Batimo Team


Case Studies October 2022
Fransyl Award


Case Studies September 2022

9 ways to support employee mental health

There is a big difference for an employee between knowing the company’s values and […]

Article September 2022

How to bring your company’s values to life

If you have a recognition program, you know there are a thousand and one […]

Article September 2022

Experience for a better employee experience

If you have a recognition program, you know there are a thousand and one […]

Article September 2022
Green Partnership Support

Altrum is Going Sustainable!

As the industry leader of celebration and inspiration, Altrum has taken new strides […]

Article August 2022
WB Games Montreal

​​WB Games

Case Studies August 2022

Altrum’s Deal Toy Project Order Process

Ordering a unique and custom deal toy with Altrum could not be easier! Thanks to […]

Article July 2022
experience employé reconnaissance

Experiences for a better employee experience

If you have a recognition program, you know there are a thousand and one […]

Article July 2022

Peer Recognition E-Cards

Tool July 2022

Altrum Completed Record-Breaking Year

Press Releases June 2022

How to bring your company’s values to life

Discover how to embed your corporate values in your employees and managers to boost […]

Article June 2022
9 façons de soutenir la santé mentale des employés

9 ways to support employee mental health

A Glassdoor study shows that 88% of employees who believe they have a high […]

Article June 2022
Fidélisation des employés : 10 raisons pourquoi vos meilleurs talents vous quittent

Employee retention: 10 reasons why your best talents are leaving

Retaining employees is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. And this is […]

Article June 2022
Récompense reconnaissance

5 differences between rewards and recognition

When it’s time to thank a team member for their outstanding performance and […]

Article June 2022
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