Custom Wood Awards

Wood trophies are especially popular for their natural, eco-friendly nature. Wood can add a lot of warmth and class to your custom awards. The material can be laser-cut into 2D custom shapes or machined into various 3D forms with the option of a stained, color airbrush, or natural finish. Wood is a great material for adding texture and depth to a piece in a stylish, organic manner.

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We have the most creative team at your disposal. Having a unique award doesn’t have to be complicated.

Wood Awards

Our specialist design team is always exploring new techniques and skills to ensure you receive your custom-made award exactly as you envisioned. Some great ways to utilize wood in awards:

  • Awards to celebrate a green project
  • Eco-friendly service anniversary awards
  • Architecture and design executive awards
  • Recognition awards for volunteering projects or humanitarian acts

Wood is a beautiful material that can be used in many creative ways when making custom awards. We make sure to use high-quality wood pieces and appropriate protection methods to ensure your awards will stand the test of time and remain beautiful forever. 

Wood awards are a great way to offer something a little different than standard awards made out of acrylic or crystal. However, we also have the ability to combine these materials to create an office award that looks edgy and innovative. Adding alternative materials on to wood pieces is often carried out to add more weight due and as a way to offer a stunning mix of textures and tones.

Customizable awards are a powerful way of showing your appreciation, recognizing your team and giving praise where due. Our wood awards offer a range of creative, lightweight shapes at a more cost effective price and most importantly having less of an impact on the environment.

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We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, it’s a job well done for us.