8 Popular Deal Code Names and the Deal Toys They Inspired

May 27, 2020

In Design Ideas / Trends

Popular Altrum Honors Deal Toy Project Names

There are many factors that go into picking out your deal code, which will influence your deal toy. It could be an inside joke, maybe even an online generator to pick something random for you. While we are not sure what made you pick the the project name that you did, we can certainly help you create deal toy designs to match.

Here, we’ll take a dive into some of the most popular deal codes you guys have to come to us with. With that, we included a few past designs to match. Take a look:

Project Apollo

Here, you’ll see some pretty obvious and “out of this world” designs. With a name like Apollo, you’re bound to shoot for the stars. Our design team can get as creative or as traditional as you wish. As you can see, we have a few 3D designs put together.

Our favorite and probably the most popular technique is a classic 3D etch. What this means is that we have the capability to create an image within a block or shape of a crystal. As you can see, we did that with a rocketship. Our 3D etching laser can capture the smallest details to truly create an unforgettable financial tombstone.

Deal Toy Code Project Apollo Ideas

Project Tiger

As you’ll see throughout the list, the animal theme has held quite strong within the past decade. Using a smart, quick, and intimidating animal is very popular. There are a number of ways to incorporate an animal in your deal toys.

In these examples, you’ll find that our art team kept them pretty classic. In the left two, we used a 2D cut out to break up the traditional shapes that you’re used to seeing on deal toys, you know… the rectangle on a base you see all the time? By adding a 2D cut out off-center, you can really change the view and make it more creative.

On the left, we printed a photo on the back but doesn’t t look like the tiger is coming out at you? There’s a number of simple techniques that can dress up any traditional shape.

Project Falcon

Holding strong on that animal theme here! Next up, we’ve got the famous falcon. These birds are known for their incredible hunting skills and being a truly ruthless predator. Of course, you’d want your deal toy to portray to also hold this reputation.

On the left, you’ll notice another 2D cut out made of black crystal, giving this deal tombstone not only a substantial amount of weight, but also a dark eerie feel.

Then we have two very different 3D options. Using a crystal falcon on top of a crystal tower gives this deal toy a true presence. Within the tower, this client decided to use the area for a unique 3D etching. Then we have a “simple” 3D figurine on top of a base. As you can see, we can make these look pretty real!

Project Green

Project Green can go a number of ways – each being as unique as the idea itself. We can think “green” as in the environment. Incorporating a tree or a leaf as you can see here really give some nice break up within the design. Using the green on a wood material design is even better for the environment.

Got a team full of golfers? Why not use artificial grass in your deal tombstone design; that’ll be sure to get a few glances of awe within the office. The capabilities truly are endless.

Project Diamond

This is a fan favorite. So much so that even without a project name that uses “diamond,” the diamond still gets used. As with the deal codes listed above, there are a number of ways we can incorporate this theme/shape.

Most obviously, the shape of an actual diamond. Talk about blinding! So simple, yet eye-catching. Nothing screams pizzaz like having a diamond the size of your fist sitting on your desk.

Other ways of incorporating a diamond: you can use a 2D cut-out, as you can see on the top left. Or even a textured 2D cut-out of the top view of the diamond.

Project Eagle

Not to be mistaken for a falcon, sitting at the top of the list. The eagle; they are not only incredibly powerful birds but their eyes are a very notable feature. Not to mention, the bald eagle is a strong symbolic image of the United States.

Using a 2D cut-out, you can still get a great amount of detail. By using sandblasting or printing patterns, you can also add to the look.

With different 3D tombstone designs, we always have to option of using pewter, or 3D printing, or even outsourcing an item if you a specific statuette that you like. We can fix it on a base and make it completely yours.

Project Lion

Wrapping up our animal category we have the lion. Leader of the pride; an extremely recognizable and alpha animal with a mane for days. Their presence can be felt from miles away, so why not have the same meaning for your deal toy?

We included some beautiful financial tombstones for project lion. On the left, you’ll see a completely custom crystal lion figurine. We can create molds of virtually anything you like and form the crystal within the mold to create your shape. But you also can’t go wrong with a classic 2D cut out.


Project Blue

Last but not least, a brother to project green, we have project blue. With a color, you can truly incorporate anything. The ocean, blueberries, the sky, an eye color, etc.

Here are a few favorites. Even just incorporating the color on the outside of the shape can make a deal toy stand out.

Does this list give you any ideas?

Even just creating this list, we could think of a new list of designs. What about any of your own designs? Project names? There are plenty of other popular ones; let’s see what makes the list in the next few years… will it be one of yours? Let us know what you have in your pipeline and we can get some complimentary deal tombstone designs started for you and your team.