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September 1, 2020

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Altrum Honors Acrylic Trophy BCE

Take a deep dive into one of our most iconic creations: a business card embedment. There truly is nothing more personalized than placing your business card into an acrylic trophy that will last a lifetime.

We all love personalized items, right? Does it get any more personal than your business card embedded into lucite? This is one of the many popular items we offer here at Altrum. Since we know that our clients love receiving these as much as we love creating them, we thought it would be a good idea to give them the spotlight.  

We’ll go over some of the sentiment behind the business card embedment, how they are created, and how you can get your own made specifically for you. This is something special that we produce for our clients and an aspect of our organization that sets us apart. We are in the business of celebrating your accomplishments. But, with this item, you can celebrate you.  

When Should You Order Your Acrylic Trophy? 

In a world and profession where everything is about your client and you work so tirelessly to get things done and deals closed, it’s always nice when you can get a little something for yourselfSo, other than the fact that they’re something nice you can get for yourself, here’s a few times we suggest ordering them:  

  • New Job – our first-year analysts go nuts over these. As first years, you’ve spent the past few weeks probably seeing these around the office on people’s desks and now it’s time for your own. As soon as you get those new business cards, it’s time for an embedment.  
  • Promotion – have a new title? Add on to your already started collection. You can get one as an analyst, then you’ll have another for associate, so on and so forth. It’s great to start a collection to keep for years.  
  • Switched Companies – moving up in an organization is one thing, switching to another company is another. You’ll of course keep your old business card embedment’s to see exactly where you started. Keep it going and see where you are in 20 years.  
  • As a gift – getting these out of the blue is a heartfelt sentiment, whether you realize it or not. More on that below.  

Why Are They Important? 

We’ve talked about the idea of award vs reward and what that means. In summary, it states that when people are given an award or something they can physically hold, they tend to want to work better. They are more engaged and have higher motivation. Therefore, whether you are the receiver of a business card embedment or the one gifting the embedment, there are clear benefits.  

They also allow you to see how much you’ve grown as a professional. We have some clients that even order as holiday gifts for the important people in their lives. For example, send to mom to show her your success. Get one for your sister who just got a promotion with her business card in it. There are plenty of times and reasons to order one, but no matter when you do, it’ll be a lifelong reminder of where you’ve been and the hard work it took to get there.  

How Are Lucite Business Card Embedments Made? 

Now we get into the nitty-gritty part: the creation of the business card embedment. You can see below exactly how to order yours, but that’s essentially the first step. Once you order and mail in your business card, then the work starts at our factory.  

While we create your deal toys, we also have a part of our factory dedicated specifically to your business card embedments. These come in batches of hundreds at times so we need to have a well-run protocol for them. We’ll walk you step by step on how we create each individual card. 

Step 1

You fill out your form at our online store and mail in the card to our factory.  

Step 2

From there, we receive the cards in our factory and get them sorted by shipping location. Pre pandemic, it was customary for our Sales team to come in and drop them off to you in person. This way they could get to know you and your teams deal toy preferences, as well as bring in a nice treat! Since that is not possible for the time being, we’ve gone completely digital.  

Make sure to ask your Altrum representative how we are doing virtual meet and greets!

Step 3

Once the cards are sorted, we go ahead and get them ready for production. We make sure there are no marks, folds, or imperfections that might take away from your card.  

Step 4

Then, the fun part! We go ahead and add them, in batches, to trays we have created where we can make multiple embedments at once. We pour the acrylic mixture over them and into the oven they go where they experience very high heat – 180 degrees to be exact. This process takes between 8-12 hours even if we make one embedment or have 30 in there! Below you can see the acrylic that is going to be poured over the cards, the tray set up, and a polish! 

Check out some other products created out of lucite here.

Step 5

Once done, our master polishers get to work (as you can see above). Polishing might be the most important step in all of this. They make sure that the acrylic is picture-perfect to sit on your desk for a lifetime.  

Step 6

From there, we package them up to go to their new home! This was usually your desk, but today it’s your home.  

Altrum Honors Business Card

How To Order? 

You’ll order your own personalized business card embedment here at this link to our online store. Here’ you’ll be able to put in your order shipping information, and then receive instructions on how to send your card over to our factory. And of course, if you need any additional help please reach out to our team here.

 On top of ordering a cool new addition for your desk, we have a few other cool items to browse through as well. 

Acrylic Embedment Trophy Forever   

Our mission is not only to create exceptional acrylic deal toys but to create physical reminders of the hard work you do. Our company is here to celebrate your achievements and successes. Business card embedments remind you of where you started and the many memories you had and will have. So, whether it’s a gift for a parent or a reminder of your first job, we’ll be happy to create it for you.  

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