Wood Deal Toys

In its simplest form, hard and fibrous wood comes from the stem and branches of a tree. We can take this and turn it into a memento for you and your team. Using wood as the material of choice for your deal toy says a lot about you. It’s unique and majestic, without being ostentatious.

Wood deal toys will truly be standout pieces on your desk or display units because, as many of you can assume, it looks different from all the rest. Browse through some designs and see for yourself!

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Not feeling creative?

We have the most creative team at your disposal. Having a unique deal toy doesn’t have to be complicated.

Why Choose Wood
As Your Material

While we’ve seen wood as the main backdrop for many sorts of deals, we could argue that you can use wood for every deal toy! Whether you use it as an accent mark or create the entire deal toy out of wood, we know it will be a showstopping design. Wood designs are the most custom you can get when it comes to corporate tombstones. In order to manufacture a wood piece or even a base, an extensive process is involved. First, we start by cutting the wood.

Then, we shape and finish it, adding engravings, and in some cases, preparing it for screen printing.

wood as the main backdrop for many sorts of deals

There are standard and customized options for both entire pieces and bases. The standard shapes for wood bases include cubes, rectangles, wedges, and flat-topped pyramids.

Rectangles are also the most standard and popular choice for completely wooded deal toys. What is your creative mindset telling you?


We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, <strong>it’s a job well done</strong> for us.

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