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July 9, 2024

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Justine Mannering, MD at Stifel, New York, shares insights on investment banking success. Her journey from associate to director underscores her expertise in consumer retail. She champions diversity and inclusion, recognized as a top dealmaker. Mannering highlights challenges like tech advancements and regulatory complexity, advocating AI usage and relationship-building. Leadership requires mentorship, network-building, and sponsorship, especially for women in the industry. Mannering fosters a positive, inclusive culture, prioritizing work-life balance. Her story emphasizes continuous learning, relationship-building, and seizing opportunities in investment banking’s evolving landscape. 

Thriving in Investment Banking: Insights from MD Justine Mannering at Stifel 

In the highly competitive and fast-paced world of investment banking, understanding the secrets to success is invaluable. Our latest episode of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast features an illuminating conversation with Justine Mannering, a seasoned Managing Director (MD) in the Consumer Retail team at Stifel, New York. With a career spanning over two decades and involvement in more than a hundred transactions, Justine’s journey and insights provide a roadmap for aspiring bankers and shed light on the evolving landscape of investment banking. 

The Journey to Investment Banking Excellence 

Justine Mannering’s trajectory in investment banking is nothing short of inspirational. Starting her career as an associate at DC Advisory, she quickly climbed the ranks to Director level in under eight years. Her expedited growth can be attributed to her robust expertise and a keen understanding of the consumer retail space, particularly in apparel, accessories, and the luxury sector.  

 Her role extends beyond deal-making; Justine is deeply involved in Stiefel’s internal women’s organization, WIN, and serves as the diversity ambassador for the investment bank. Recognized by the Global M&A Network as a top dealmaker, Mannering’s journey is a testament to her skill, leadership, and dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry. 

Key Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Banking Sector 

The conversation with Justine highlights several pressing challenges investment bankers face today, from keeping pace with technological advancements to navigating a complex regulatory and global landscape. Yet, it is in these challenges that Mannering sees opportunities for growth and efficiency, particularly through the strategic use of artificial intelligence (AI) in market research and operations.  

 Justine emphasizes the importance of relationship-building and adaptability in overcoming these hurdles. Her advice to younger bankers is to leverage technology while nurturing the foundational skills of banking—understanding the numbers and building strong, genuine relationships with clients and teammates. 

Leadership and the Path to Becoming an MD 

Ascending to the role of a Managing Director requires more than just technical know-how; it demands an ability to connect with people, lead teams, and drive business forward. Mannering shares her belief in the power of mentorship and sponsorship within investment banking, highlighting how critical support networks are for career progression. Her journey emphasizes the need for individuals to seek out mentors, build their networks, and, most importantly, to find sponsors who can advocate for them within the organization.  

Justine also touches on the challenges women face in the industry and the initiatives she’s been part of to support female bankers. Through her involvement with Exponent Women, she aims to empower women dealmakers, providing them with a platform to connect, share, and uplift each other. 

Building a Culture of Success and Inclusion 

At the heart of Justine Mannering’s success is her commitment to fostering a positive, inclusive culture within her teams and the broader organization. She believes in celebrating both the big wins and the everyday efforts that propel her team forward. A proponent of work-life balance, Mannering advocates for the thoughtful integration of work commitments with personal life, emphasizing the importance of taking time for oneself while remaining dedicated to client needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Justine Mannering’s story is a powerful reminder of what it takes to thrive in investment banking. It’s not just about closing deals or outperforming competitors; it’s about continuous learning, relationship-building, and creating an environment where everyone can succeed. For those aspiring to make their mark in investment banking, Mannering’s insights offer an invaluable guide on navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.  

As the investment banking landscape continues to evolve, the lessons from leaders like Mannering will remain essential readings for those ready to embark on their growth journey in this dynamic sector. 

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