King of the Castle


November 1, 2018
King of the castle Deal Toy
Industry FIG


A client was looking to commemorate an important transaction with a symbolic deal toy. The client did not need to show any deal information but wanted the tombstone to symbolize the hard work they had spent on the deal, as well as its code name; Project Castle.


The deal being celebrated was quite extraordinary; the team had been working on it for over 10 years, it was described as having countless intricate clauses and details, and when it finally closed, it ranked as one of the largest deals of 2015. To celebrate this special transaction, the team proposed a design of a castle exclusively engineered for the client. Instead of taking the easy route and printing an image on top of a flat structure, we created a very detailed mold that would serve as the template for the 100 pieces to be produced. Each brick, window and arch was creatively envisioned and carefully crafted to represent the complexity of the deal. The large size of the castle represented the size of the deal and its significance in the market.


The client was so thrilled about the deal toy that they increased their original order so they would be able to gift the castle to additional deal participants. The client enjoyed working on the project as much as we did and gave their account manager kudos mentioning that, “Jessica Cress never promised more than she could deliver, and delivered beyond our expectations!”

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