7 Employee Recognition Ideas for the Holiday Season

December 13, 2017

In Employee Engagement

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Take a moment to recognize your team before the holidays!

Gifts to buy, evenings to organize, a budget to respect… The holiday season brings its fair share of emotional stress and accentuates everyone’s need to be recognized, especially at work.

As we approach the end of the year, many employees find themselves immersed in closing annual files and preparing projections. Here are some simple ideas to help you express your gratitude for the work they’ve accomplished and to infuse a festive atmosphere!

1. Recognize your employees using personalized thank-you cards

Prepare thank you cards in which you write a personalized message (by hand!) for each of your employees. This simple, inexpensive way of expressing your gratitude for the work they’ve done is a great way of creating a personal bond with each and every one of them. By taking the time to write a specific message for each employee, you show that you value them and their unique contribution to the company.


2. Surprise Your Employees With Morning Treats

Who doesn’t like to start the day with fresh croissants or a basket of fruit? What’s more, if you have the time, why not prepare a homemade recipe yourself? This will show your employees that you care about them, and reinforce their sense of belonging to the company. By offering these little treats, you’ll start the day off on the right foot and create a positive, encouraging atmosphere. So don’t hesitate to show your appreciation to your employees and offer them this gesture of attention that will make all the difference.


3. Organize Charitable Activities

During the holiday season, tap into the power of employee recognition by giving back to your community. Consider organizing charitable initiatives such as fundraising activities, team cooking sessions to create Christmas baskets, or providing temporary job opportunities, all of which foster a sense of employee appreciation.


4. Propose a Gift Exchange

Embrace a classic activity – organize a gift exchange to create a festive atmosphere and get everyone into the holiday spirit. Set a modest budget and invite your employees to choose a thoughtful gift for a colleague you’ve pre-assigned. To add an element of excitement, plan a blind exchange where gifts are randomly distributed during a fun game. This not only spreads cheer but also shows your team how much you appreciate their hard work. Click here for more ideas for fun holiday team activities.


5. Promote Peer Recognition With a Secret Elf Activity

Do you know the secret elf game? Each employee is assigned a random colleague to whom they will have to give small ‘attentions’ for one or two weeks: chocolates on the desk in the morning, a small card with a nice message, waxed shoes, etc. The catch is that everything must remain a secret! This game is a fantastic way to cultivate a warm and friendly atmosphere where peer recognition is everywhere.


6. Show Your Appreciation With a Shortened Work Week

On the last workday before the holiday season, it’s common for your employees to be a bit more distracted due to their holiday preparations. Why not consider granting them a few hours off to help maximize their productivity? This is a great way to show them that you value them and recognize them for their hard work!


7. Send the Ideal Gift With Altrum’s Thank You Codes

As you prepare to celebrate the holiday season and engage in acts of employee recognition and gratitude, why not explore a solution that promises to delight everyone? By offering access codes to Altrum’s online boutique, your employees will be able to choose their ideal gift from a vast selection of products and experiences! Take a moment to explore Altrum’s gifting options. 

Do you have any other ideas or activities to recognize your employees that have yielded positive results in the past?

Wishing everyone a joyful holiday season. Take some time to relax and recharge, so you can return in great spirits for the upcoming year!

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