2015 Financial Modelling World Champion

January 15, 2016

December 2-4 2015, Altrum had the great pleasure to be involved in the Global Training Camp of the ModelOff competition!

We not only sponsored all the awards and tombstones but were also cordially invited to attend!

This meant we had the opportunity to spend the day finding out how 32 of the best and brightest technical trainers, educators and thought-leaders in analysis for Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis and Financial Modelling and Corporate Finance from the UK and across the world do what they do. Safe to say we were impressed!

Analytical champions from around the globe were plucked and invited to show off their killer skills and practices and compete against each other in a two day event hoping to not only push the boundaries of financial modelling but also establish long lasting relationships and networks throughout the world. Altrum got to see first-hand these professionals go head to head not only to compete against each other but ask questions and challenge the future of Financial Analysis for years to come

From 3,000 people involved in the competition they were whittled down to only 16 and we at Altrum know how important it is to celebrate such success. We sponsored and provided all the deal toys including some beautiful crystal cubes and our very jazzy golden keyboard. The golden keyboard was a particular favourite amongst the winners as it had the F1 key missing, which in Excel is the help button. That just slows them down!

Amongst the winners and special guests that we had the pleasure to speak to (and pick the brains of) were Joseph Lau (Winner!), Alastair Matchett (Excel Trainer and Founder of IBHero.com), Eli Schwartz (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft), Philip Whitchelo (VP Strategy and Product Marketing at Intralinks), Diarmuid Early (Vice President at Deutsche Bank), Antoine Vettes (CEO of UpSlide), Rahul Sonthalia (Senior Manager at Genesis Training Institute), Alex Edwards (Director at Savvy Financial Modelling) and many many more!

Being part of the ModelOff community, a community that touches financial analysis in every corner of the world and celebrates the best analytical minds is something we at Altrum are very proud of. We not only got to experience and see how incredibly talented these competitors are but see the powerful community they have built.

The Global Training Camp ModelOff competition is exactly what we at Altrum stand for. It encapsulates our goals as a company to celebrate success and commemorate the best and most talented with our financial tombstones. We had the opportunity to see in person what our deal gifts mean to people, as a way to remember their achievement and that exciting day for years to come. Commemorating success is what we do and we are grateful we could be part of the success of ModelOff 2015 and want to congratulate all the winners again!

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