10 Superb Ideas to Integrate Employee Recognition into your Operations

December 7, 2018

In Employee Engagement


By offering recognition to employees in your day to day operations, you will reap a variety of benefits: repeated, positive behaviors, more motivated employees, and a more inspired workforce. Here are some ideas for effective employee recognition that will help you make the most of this genuine performance multiplier.

1. Create a traveling trophy

You may wonder what a traveling trophy is: it’s not a trophy designed to reward your employees who travel the most. Instead, it is an item that travels from one team to another. The employee or team that has the trophy in their possession has to pass it on to another team or employee who deserves it. It’s an affordable and effective way to reinforce behaviors that you value. View trophy ideas.

2. Write thank you cards

It’s been shown that handwritten cards (yes, we do mean handwritten!) have a particularly powerful emotional impact on millennials. Take a few moments to capture the words that describe your thanks and recognition for your employee on paper. 

3. Make the most of your weekly meetings

Do you hold weekly meetings with your employees to keep track of projects? Make the most of these regular meetings to have a round table session, inviting everyone to recognize a colleague and, above all, to say why they are grateful. It will certainly put everyone in a better mood for the meeting!

4. Create a wall of fame

Letters, e-mails, Slack messages, photos, or drawings: cover your wall with all these positive, inspirational memories! The wall will bring a personal touch to your office, and be a visible reminder of the mark each employee is having on the company. Make it visible to everyone, including visitors!

5. Give people time!

Alongside employees recognition, give people the chance to spend quality time with you to discuss the various issues or ideas they may want to express  – or simply give them the chance to go home a bit earlier!

6. Ask your employees’ opinions

If you really want to know what makes your employees happy, just ask them! You can survey them via an online questionnaire, by e-mail, or in a group brainstorm session.

7. Share the praise your team receives

Have your customers, suppliers or members of management expressed their appreciation for your team or member of your team? Don’t be shy to share it with the group! Even if your employees are not directly in contact with the individuals, everyone will benefit from hearing the good news.

8. Set aside a budget for formal employee recognition

When you recognize someone informally, you demonstrate your spontaneity and strengthen the bond with your employees. Set aside a budget for each manager; the managers will then each be able to offer snacks, small gifts or organize a team lunch or dinner.

9. Empower your managers

According to a recent study, only 14% of organizations provide managers with the tools that they need to reward their employees. Start by offering training or, even better, a learning and development Program for employee recognition to ensure that they have everything they need to reward their staff members.

10. Give more praise!

Perhaps you are familiar with the old saying: “What gets measured, gets done”. It’s even more important to remember that “You will get more of what you praise”. This is another reason to ensure that people enjoy working as a team, and know the importance of recognizing each other. Lead the way by being an ambassador of recognition within your group! 


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