How to Celebrate a Transaction?

January 23, 2019

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How to celebrate a deal

After many months of arduous work, you’re proud to learn that the deal that held you spellbound for so long has successfully come to an end. Congrats!

After many months of arduous work, you’re proud to learn that the deal that held you spellbound for so long has successfully come to an end. Congrats!

Before rushing to the next step or beginning your quest for the next big project, take some time to breathe and commemorate this important milestone with your team. At Altrum, we believe that all successes, big or small, are worthy of being celebrated. Whether it be for an IPO or an M&A, celebrating success yields to better team cohesion, feelings of belonging and engagement, and a better work atmosphere.

“Celebrating accomplishments can actually lead to more success.” – Andrea Williams


Our team suggests these 5 great ideas to celebrate a financial transaction:

Thank everyone involved in the project

Did you know handwritten cards are still in style? There are many employees who appreciate this recognition gesture as a mean to highlight their participation in major projects.

Spread the good news internally!

If you have an internal newsletter, use it to announce the good news among your company, and seize the opportunity to mention the names of the key players involved in the process.

Create custom awards!

If you are looking for a unique way to highlight a financial transaction, we recommend you purchase an exceptional deal toy, which you can offer to all parties involved on the deal. See a few examples in our portfolio.

If time constraints prevent you from doing a fully customized deal toy, create one online using a ready-to-order template.

Plan a closing event

Think about organizing an official event to mark the end of the project. Invite people who participated (i.e. clients, lawyers, other partners), and use this event to gift the custom deal toys in person!

Plan a team activity

Plan a team event! Golf tournament, ski trip or even a cruise…the possibilities are endless!


In conclusion, no matter the vehicle you use to celebrate a successful transaction, the essential is to take a break to release some tension, clear your head, and let go of accumulated stress. It’s also an opportunity to recharge and restart with the right mindset!

By celebrating the success of a transaction, it will help employees stay motivated, and willing to continue giving their 100%!


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