Tips for Making your Recognition Actions More Effective!

January 18, 2016

In Employee Engagement

make your recognition actions more meaningful

For most people, saying thank you comes naturally. However, in many instances in the workplace, a better, more though-out recognition is best to really have a positive impact on your colleagues. Here are a few tips to make your recognition actions extra special.

Make it timely

Make sure your recognition occurs shortly after the action took place. If you wait too long to recognize your team’s hard work, the gesture might not be as effective.

Make it sincere

Your team members will appreciate knowing how their actions made a positive difference.

Make it personalized

Avoid cliché phrases or marketing speak to reward an outstanding employee. Remember to highlight exactly what made their work spectacular. This will motivate your team to keep doing their best.

Make it meaningful

Make sure your praise directly relates to the action and its importance. Ensure the person who is bestowing the award was there to see the impact of the employee’s work, such as the direct manager. Also be sure to get any details right when discussing a worthwhile effort.

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