8 Most Extravagant Deal Toys

December 14, 2018

In Design Ideas / Trends

Whether it’s the MD’s most prideful achievement, the size of the transaction, or the many 0’s worth of fees adding to the bottom line, some deal toys are worth going all out for. Here is our lineup of recent deals that were celebrated like it’s 2005!

Canadian deal

8. Oh Canada

What better way to celebrate an iconic Canadian deal than with an iconic Canadian symbol. A third of the size of the original, this Stanley cup-themed deal toy makes for an impressive desk piece!

Armas ferry replica

7. All Aboard!

Why be satisfied with an image of a boat when you can have the whole boat? This Armas ferry replica is made of acrylic, and goes as far as detailing the pool, helipad and life rafts.


6. 360 Views

On top of its 3 well-balanced pedestals, this deal toy has a double base, with ball bearings between the 2 platforms to allow the top part to spin and be admired from all angles. Talk about combining style and function!

Desert Oasis

5. Desert Oasis

What comes to mind when you think Dubai, Real Estate, and billion-dollar IPO? Magnificent deal toy certainly makes the list! Made of acrylic and 3D print, the silver city replica reflects Creek Harbor’s new skyline.

Ace of Spade

4. Ace of Spade

Classy? Debatable. Does it belong on this list? Absolutely.

If gifting champagne is the way to your client’s heart, make it special by adding a custom plaque to the presentation box.

No, a wine bag is not ok.

Game Time

3. Game Time

The deal toy should be the fun part of a deal, and this European team took it literally! This mini foosball table is our #3 in extravagance, and looks like the office’s new #1 source of distraction.

Car Collector

2. Car Collector

This multi-garage structure can be reconfigured thanks to magnets on each garage pod. Fill it with toy cars of your favorite brands, and you’ve got the banker version of the ultimate doll house.

Hilton Empire

1. Hilton Empire

This massive deal toy is a rare post-2008 specimen. With 12 flag poles, a globe that spins on its own, and standing at almost a foot tall, such pieces are only seen in corner offices nowadays.


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