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November 1, 2018
toying with an idea deal toy
Industry Consumer & Retail


ThreeSixty Group ideates, designs, sources and distributes consumer products to the nation’s largest retailers. Their toys, electronics, home décor and products in many other categories fill the shelves of retailers in North America and abroad. After a successful transaction, the client wanted a deal toy as a symbol of the company’s milestone.


The original idea was to create a design around one of the company’s most famous toys: a remote-control car. As the brainstorm continued and the idea for the deal toy evolved, the team was inspired by the architecture of the company’s physical location: a gorgeous wall made of wood and mirrors on which ThreeSixty’s logo is mounted.

The wall was recreated using cherry wood and Lucite, and used as a statement piece in the background of the deal toy. To keep the essence of the original idea, Altrum created a table-like Lucite block for the deal tombstone text, and crafted miniature replicas of the renowned remote-control car. The cars were installed on the table, as if they were being displayed in a retail store.


The client was very happy with the evocative deal toy and said “It’s really creative and quite a challenging piece to build so kudos to Altrum for being able to make it happen”. The wall was a beautiful addition and shows that inspiration is truly all around us!

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