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November 1, 2018
Royal Delivery Mail Deal Toy
Industry Consumer & Retail


Our client from London was looking to create a deal toy to commemorate the IPO of Royal Mail. The client was looking to create a tombstone in the shape of a mini parcel, and wanted Altrum to come up with a creative way to display the deal details while putting the Royal Mail brand in the forefront.


The team’s source of inspiration was the surprise and excitement feeling of receiving a package in the mail. In order to convey these emotions, we created two Lucite pieces, held together by hinges, to mimic a box that opens and closes. On the outside of the parcel, we printed realistic looking stamps, packing tape, as well as the address of the Royal Mail offices in a hand-written font. We took the time to weigh the tombstone and used the correct value of stamps that the piece would require to ship. The inside of the deal toy contained the elements of excitement; the details of the IPO, and the logos of the financial partners that made the deal happen. Finally, a 3D Royal Mail logo was created and placed prominently on the inside of the parcel.


The mini parcel came to life, and the client was ecstatic. We were able to deliver just what the client was looking for, and exceeded their expectations with the final touches.

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