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November 1, 2018
fox it deal toy banner
Industry TMT


A client came to us seeking a unique deal toy concept for the acquisition of Fox-IT, a Dutch information technology security company. The Fox-IT solution improves surveillance, detection and prosecution of cyber-criminals, and hardens the security of critical IT networks and systems.


For Fox-IT, the red fox is a meaningful symbol and an important aspect of their branding strategy. To honor the company’s symbol, our client wanted the deal toy design to be inspired by a video of a fox hunting in the snow. The challenge was to find a way to make a static object mobile to mimic the motion of the hunter.

First, the Altrum team used Lucite to recreate the environment. A white base was used for the deal tombstone text, a light blue half-moon for the background, and a Lucite snow bank. For the fox, an image of a plunging red fox was printed on a custom-shaped piece of Lucite, with a small, transparent handle attached with a pin to the background. This allowed the fox to leap forwards and backwards, as if it were jumping in the snowbank.


The client was very pleased with the final product. The deal toy captured the essence of the company’s branding, and the motion of the hunting fox was exactly what our client was hoping for.

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