Gamification Test: What Type Of Player Are You?

January 8, 2016

In Management & Organizational Performance

Happy new year! We at Altrum would like to wish you lots of recognition at work and more fun in your life in general! Our first article of 2016 will help you figure out what type of player you are.

Research conducted by Dr. Richard Bartle in the mid 90s identified four main types of players. When Altrum set up its professional social network, it started by looking at player types to establish the game mechanics that would engage its future users. Take the test and find out what type you are.

Write the answers to the following five questions on a piece of paper:

What action verb fits you best?
a) Win
b) Collaborate
c) Accomplish
d) Understand

What do you enjoy the most at work?
a) Being recognized for my successes
b) Interacting with my colleagues
c) Finding new ways to do things
d) Learning

You like hockey (yes, you like hockey). What’s the main reason why?
a) To support the winning team.
b) To watch hockey with friends; it’s a good excuse to get together.
c) To keep track of the season all the way to the playoffs. I never miss a game!
d) To figure out the strategies of the different teams.

Which of the following superheroes would you like to be?
a) Superman for his superhuman strength.
b) Jean Grey because she has telepathic powers.
c) Iron Man, because of the armour and technological gadgets that add to his physical abilities.
d) El Diablo so I can teleport and go where I want.

What kind of vacation would you like to take?
a) A dream destination that will make my friends and colleagues jealous.
b) A trip with friends or family to strengthen our relationship and spend quality time together.
c) A place where I can get unusual souvenirs and local specialties.
d) I go to a different place on every trip because it’s all about discovery!


Look at what letter you answered most often to determine your player type:

A: Killer — You get your kicks from competing with others, which makes you an ideal candidate for any kind of competitive context. Doing well isn’t enough for you. You have to be the best!

B: Socializer – You’re interested in cooperating with people more than anything else. You are happiest in situations involving interactions, collaborative challenges or community activities.

C: Achiever – What really matters to you is making progress and not leaving anything unfinished. You always see things through to the end! You need to be in the know and on top of your game in order to be truly satisfied.

D: Explorer – You are naturally curious and always seeking knowledge. You’re patient enough to notice details, and have a 360° view of what you’re doing.



Identify the player types in your team to help you find out what drives performance and how you can use game mechanics to engage your employees.

Have a happy and fun-filled 2016!

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