Recognition Starts on Day 1

January 14, 2016

In Employee Engagement

first day at work

The first day at work can be quite stressful for any new employee. Sometimes, a simple gesture of welcome can be enough to help the new member of your team feel like they are at the right place and set the stage for long-term positive results. Here are a few tips to help your new employee feel at home in their new work environment.

Before they arrive

  • Send a letter of congratulations to your new employee. Provide them with the contact information of someone who they can reach out to if they have a question or if an issue arises.
  • Set up a work session to provide them with their computer access, phone extension, email address, shared drive, etc.
  • Order office supplies and furniture for them or any other accessories they’ll need, such as a key, ID badge, business cards, pens, etc.
  • Send an email to your current employees to let them know about the new hire and when they’ll start.
  • Create an onboarding calendar for their first weeks at work. Highlight any meetings, special lunches, activities, and training sessions.

First day at work

  • Show your new employee their work environment, give them a tour of their work area, office equipment, etc. Make sure to introduce the new employee to all key staff members.
  • If possible, have the CEO or another senior executive meet with the new employee.
  • Share your company’s vision, mission, and values and provide them with a brief history of the organization.
  • Pair your new hire up with a colleague who can take them to lunch or be with them during break time for the first couple of weeks.
  • Provide them with a copy of the employee manual along with a welcome gift containing branded promotional products.

Others tips

  • Present the new employee in your company’s internal communications.
  • Inform them about corporate upcoming corporate activities to help them socialized and get them to know the team.
  • Ask them to fill out a “How are you doing so far” type of assessment a few weeks into their new position.

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