Fitting all the Elements


November 1, 2018
Fitting all the Elements Deal Toy
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One of our clients was looking to create a deal toy to commemorate a recent transaction with VISA. The client’s ideal design was to incorporate all of the deals that closed in 2013 and 2014, while incorporating some of the buyer and seller’s branding elements.


Due to the amount of information that had to be incorporated in this deal toy, the team had to be strategic to avoid clutter and make sure the overall look was neat. First, silver plates were used to display the information of each of the VISA deals, and neatly organized on a Lucite background. To represent Wells Fargo, we displayed their iconic stagecoach on the base, and included the red logo on a silver plate. For Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we placed a large custom cut replica of their logo in the forefront of the Lucite piece.


All of the elements were successfully incorporated in the deal toy, and our client loved the way all the different pieces came together in the final product. This multi-deal tombstone really set the bar for more complex deals in the future.

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