4 Signs That Your Years of Service Program is Outdated

January 3, 2019

In Employee Engagement

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Employers are more conscious than ever of the importance of recognition at work.

According to an American survey done within 5,000 companies, nearly 90% of employers invest in a Years of Service program. However, it’s possible that your program is so deeply rooted in tradition that it has failed to adapt to the new realities of today’s job market.

If you recognize your company in any of the following cases, then it’s time to review your program and give it some attention!

1.Your celebrations start at 15 years of service

Turnover rate is on the rise everywhere. According to a report by Baromètre HR, companies can see nearly half of their staff change over a period of 3 years. It’s more and more important to highlight your employee’s contribution as soon as a new milestone is reached. Consider celebrating your employee’s contribution at 5 years of service and remember to highlight their first year amongst your team!

2.You offer all your employees the same gift

Your employees likely have very different tastes from one another. If you really wish to please your staff, offer them gifts they will truly like. It would be a shame to spend money on a gift that will quickly end up in a bottom drawer. Consider giving your employees the possibility to select their own gift via an online boutique.

3.You highlight all years of service at the same time

Your program’s timing is not to be neglected. Recognition produces a much greater impact if it is given on the employee’s real anniversary date. You can organize one or two ceremonies per year, but also remember to send individual messages to each employee on the day of their service anniversary.

4.You don’t involve the direct supervisor

Recognition has much more impact when it comes from the employee’s immediate supervisor. Even if the human resources team generally manages the years of service program, it’s best to involve managers in one way or another.(ex. Hand written note, giving the gift in person, speech, etc.).

Do any of the situations outlined above apply to your company? Many great full-service solutions, such as the Celebration gifting platform, are available to offer your team a seamless gift selection experience online.

There is always time to adjust! 


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