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discours de reconnaissance des employés
How to Give the Best Employee Recognition Speech
Whether or not public speaking isn’t your strong suit, following these simple tips will ensure your employees feel appreciated and your message of recognition is communicated strongly!
February 2020

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Cadeaux employés populaires en 2023

The Most Popular Employee Gifts in 2023 and Trends For 2024

November 2023

10 Reasons to Improve your Recognition Practices

May 2023
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May 2023

Printable cards to recognize your employees

March 2023

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10 Reasons to Improve your Recognition Practices

The benefits of recognition at work have long since been proven. Discover the 10 […]

Article May 2023
BuroPro Team


Case Studies May 2023

Assessing Company and Employee Performance

Conducting a professional review of your company and employees should be a common […]

Article December 2022
La reconnaissance meilleur cadeau

Recognition: The Best Holiday Gift for your Employees

If employee recognition is on your to-do list, there has probably never been a […]

Article December 2022
activités des fêtes

Employee Engagement : 10 ideas for holiday team fun

Celebrating the holidays as a team in the office or remotely is always fun and […]

Article December 2022

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Tool November 2022
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Case Studies October 2022
Fransyl Award


Case Studies September 2022

9 ways to support employee mental health

There is a big difference for an employee between knowing the company’s values and […]

Article September 2022
WB Games Montreal

​​WB Games

Case Studies August 2022
experience employé reconnaissance

Experiences for a better employee experience

If you have a recognition program, you know there are a thousand and one […]

Article July 2022

Peer Recognition E-Cards

Tool July 2022
Comment donner vie aux valeurs de votre entreprise

How to bring your company’s values to life

There’s a big difference for an employee between knowing the company’s […]

Article June 2022
9 façons de soutenir la santé mentale des employés

9 ways to support employee mental health

A Glassdoor study shows that 88% of employees who believe they have a high […]

Article June 2022
Fidélisation des employés : 10 raisons pourquoi vos meilleurs talents vous quittent

Employee retention: 10 reasons why your best talents are leaving

Retaining employees is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. And this is […]

Article June 2022
Récompense reconnaissance

5 differences between rewards and recognition

When it’s time to thank a team member for their outstanding performance and […]

Article June 2022

Train your managers and transform your organization

We all agree that as a manager, recognizing one or more teams on a daily basis has […]

Article June 2022
Dire merci aux employés

The right words to say thank you

As you surely know, a simple thank you can do wonders for your teams! This same […]

Article June 2022

Even More Recognition for Employee Appreciation Day

Everyone loves Fridays. But employees love the first Friday of March even more, and […]

Article June 2022

Do you speak the 5 languages ​​of recognition?

In today’s working world, it is undeniable that recognition at work is an […]

Article June 2022

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Tool March 2022
residential complex Saint Guillaume

Saint-Guillaume Residence x Orange Program

Case Studies February 2022

The Fundamentals of Recognizing Years of Service!

There are many ways to show your employees you appreciate them; recognizing their […]

Whitepaper September 2021

How to keep call center agents motivated

Speed, productivity, cost reductions, quality… and how to keep agents motivated […]

eBook March 2021
Cadeau fin d'année

10 Great Reasons to Offer Thank You Gift Codes

Since everybody has different taste, it can be difficult to hit the mark when it […]

Article February 2021
Recognition Program

How to Create a Successful Recognition Program

Are you thinking of setting up a recognition program to make your employees feel […]

Article January 2021
how to become a great leader at work

New to Management? 5 Tips to Help You Become a Great Leader

How to be a Great Leader at Work When we think of leadership, there is often a […]

Article November 2020
employee wellbeing at work

6 Ideas to Promote your Employee’s Wellbeing

Workplace stress – the monster under so many employees’ desk. We know that […]

Article October 2020

9 Recruitment Strategies: Attract the Best Candidates

9 Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Candidates A 2018 BDC survey of 1,208 […]

Article September 2020
Statistics related to giving employees positive feedback

Do We Have Good Recognition Practices in Canada?

Canada is filled with wonderful companies: manufacturers who export around the […]

Article August 2020
Recognition program name ideas

Catchy Name Ideas for Your Employee Recognition Program

Gold Star, MVP, Kudos, President’s Circle…you’ve probably heard these employee […]

Article July 2020
75 ideas for a better company culture

75 Great Ideas to Develop a More Inspiring Company Culture

Although Covid-19 brings its share of complications to the world of work, this […]

Article June 2020
c'est quoi l'engagement des employés

What is Employee Engagement and How You Can Rock it!

“Employee engagement” has become entrenched in our business vernacular. You see […]

Article May 2020
wellbeing at work - woman working from home

Wellbeing at Work During COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 has undeniably changed the way we live and work, and many experts agree […]

Article April 2020
motivation from home virtual meeting

10 Ideas to Boost Employee Motivation in a Remote World

What’s the one thing most businesses have in common right now? A virtual […]

Article April 2020
covid-19 5 employee recognition campaign ideas when working from home

COVID-19: 5 Recognition Campaigns to Run to Motivate your Employees

The pandemic has brought significant changes to the way we work. Office 365, video […]

Article March 2020
teletravail - boite a outil du gestionnaire

Recognizing From a Distance: List of Resources for Your Managers

Closed shops, deserted streets and kids at home, the global health crisis forces us […]

Article March 2020

How to Celebrate International Employee Appreciation Day

Established by the RPI (Recognition Professionals International) in 1995, employee […]

Article March 2020
discours de reconnaissance des employés

How to Give the Best Employee Recognition Speech

Whether or not public speaking isn’t your strong suit, following these simple tips […]

Article February 2020
culture reconnaissance marque employeur

Work on Your Employer Brand … from the Inside

Que faire pour attirer – mais surtout conserver – de bons employés ? Selon […]

Article January 2020
Generation y employees how to attract and retain them avoid demotivation

Recognition: A Source of Demotivation?

Do you believe recognizing a co-worker can have a negative impact on motivation? At […]

Article October 2019
Team building activities employees

10 Original Activities to Foster Team Spirit at Work

The benefits of strong team building at work have long since been proven. A welded […]

Article October 2019
Parents with baby coming back to work after parental leave

7 Tips to Help your Employees Return to Work from Parental Leave

Returning to work after parental leave can be a difficult period of adaptation for […]

Article October 2019
Engagement Survey on Mobile Phone

Simple Guide for Engagement Surveys

Just like your customer survey (or net promoter score), the engagement survey allows […]

Article October 2019
importance de la relation entre patron et employé pour motiver

Retention & Loyalty: Prevention is Sweeter

Lucie Morin, author of Retaining Employees, full professor of ESG UQAM and […]

Article September 2019
Modern gift ideas for years of service

10 Modern Gift Ideas to Celebrate Years of Service

In light of the generational, cultural and personal preference differences of each […]

Article August 2019
how to better communicate with your employees

10 Tips to Improve Communication with your Employees

Employees attach great importance to their relationship with their superiors. […]

Article July 2019
retirement gift ideas

5 gift Ideas for a Memorable Retirement

Work hard all your life until the fateful moment: retirement, at the age of 55, 60 […]

Article July 2019
motivated team with hands in the middle

How to motivate your team after the holidays

The holiday season is a great time for everyone to get their minds off work. You […]

Article June 2019
why employees are unhappy at work

5 Reasons why Employees are Unhappy at Work

Close to a third of employees are not engaged at work according to a recent Gallup […]

Article April 2019
Thank You - Gifting happiness with Employee recognition

Gifting happiness all year long!

By developing meaningful relationships with your colleagues and employees that […]

Article March 2019
reconnaissance un allié pour les femmes

Recognition, an Ally to Women’s Ambition

It is no longer a secret: recognition increases happiness at work. Practicing […]

Article March 2019
remercier les travailleurs à distance

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with your Remote Workers

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated March 1st It’s a great opportunity for […]

Article March 2019

What is the Impact of Recognition on Organizations?

Are you familiar with the concept of “return on recognition” (ROR)? It is the […]

Article January 2019
people searching for an employee recognition program

4 Signs That Your Years of Service Program is Outdated

Your Years of Service program may be so deeply rooted in tradition that it fails to […]

Article January 2019
Altrum Recognition - benefits of integrating recognition in your daily operations

10 Superb Ideas to Integrate Employee Recognition into your Operations

By offering recognition to employees in your day to day operations, you will reap a […]

Article December 2018

How to Create a Personalized Trophy in 3 Easy Steps

Our trophies, awards and plaques are designed with care to honor the accomplishments […]

Article December 2018
creative employees having ideas

6 Tips to Stimulate your employee’s creativity

Creativity, the ability to create a new concept from elements known to solve a […]

Article October 2018
how to write an employee recognition letter message

6 Tips to Write an Effective Recognition Letter

A recognition memo is a powerful, and an easy way to share your recognition and […]

Article July 2018
Altrum recognition - Signas of psychological distress at work

How to detect signs of psychological distress in the workplace

If the physical health of your employee is deteriorating, you will most likely […]

Article July 2018
custom awards for years of service

5 tips for an unforgettable awards presentation

There is nothing like an award to make a lasting impression and inspire people. Here […]

Article June 2018

5 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance Within your Company

While wages were once the main factor of attraction for a job, a new trend is […]

Article May 2018
Generation y employees how to attract and retain them avoid demotivation

Gen Y Employees: Attracting, Motivating and Retaining Them

Aged about 25 to 40 years, generation-Y workers witnessed the advent of many […]

Article May 2018

8 Tips to Organize a Memorable Years of Service Ceremony

A years of service ceremony can be very beneficial for your company’s corporate […]

Article February 2018

Formal or informal recognition: what approach should you adopt?

Recognition programs – if well-designed and well-applied – can greatly enhance […]

Article October 2017

8 Tips to Organize a Memorable Years of Service Event

An event to celebrate years of service can be very beneficial to the culture of your […]

Article July 2017

How to foster cohesion between employees in different offices

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to have to collaborate with colleagues and […]

Article June 2017

Facebook’s Secrets to Being and Staying an Employer of Choice

Each year, the job search platform Glassdoor publishes its list of employers of […]

Article May 2017
Altrum Reconnaissance - lectures aux employés

5 books to foster your employee’s professional development

One of the most useful things you can do as a team manager is encourage your […]

Article April 2017
How to encourage peer-to-peer recognition

How to encourage peer-to-peer recognition

If you’re interested enough in recognition to read this article, you are already a […]

Article March 2017
5 choses à ne pas faire pour réussir une remise de prix

5 things not to do during an awards ceremony

An award ceremony is a great way to inspire your team. But to do so, it must be […]

Article March 2017
team of people doing social activities at work

10 Social Activities to Increase Employee Engagement

You’ve probably heard the expression “work hard, play hard”. If you want to […]

Article March 2017
Women in the workforce from diverse backgrounds

15 Facts About Women in the Workforce

Over the last three decades, women in the workforce have made an enormous amount of […]

Article March 2017
La reconnaissance au travail comme culture organisationnelle

The Secret to Zappos’ Corporate Culture Success

Corporate culture is an aspect of organizational life that is too often neglected by […]

Article March 2017
8 astuces pour favoriser la concentration au travail

8 Tips to Stay Focused at Work

Between emails, calls, social media notifications, and interruptions from your […]

Article February 2017
Generation Z coming to the workforce

Generation Z is on its Way to the Job Market

During the last few years, much media attention has been paid to Millennials. […]

Article February 2017
Récompenses que les employés aiment vraiment

Reward your Employees with Gifts They’ll Really Love

Every employer knows the importance of motivated employees. There are retention […]

Article February 2017
ROI of employee engagement at work

The best CEOs have recognized the importance of employee engagement

Why do CEOs in charge of successful companies care so much about their employees? […]

Article February 2017

What Marketing Can Teach Human Resources

Like marketers, human resources professionals must seek to attract and retain their […]

Article October 2016
invisible employees and how to lift their potential

How to Reveal the Potential of Your Invisible Employees

When was the last time you recognized the work of your accountant, sound technician, […]

Article June 2016

How Employee Recognition Contributes To Business Success

What if all your employees were aligned with your values ​​and motivated by your […]

Article May 2016
employee social network to communicate digitally in the workplace

Why You Need an Internal Enterprise Social Network

When you send an all staff email, two different scenarios are possible: No one […]

Article May 2016
everyone at a company involved in the recognition programs

Recognition: it’s for everyone

Many recognition programs make a company’s managers responsible for recognizing […]

Article April 2016

5 Totally Different Ways To Benefit From Gamification

What do marketing, education, driving, health and performance at work have in […]

Article April 2016
how to keep remote workers engaged at work

Engagement of remote worker, it’s possible !

Thanks to technological advances, remote workers can now be as productive in their […]

Article March 2016
Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

Satisfaction Survey: What Your Employees Are Too Afraid To Tell You

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that most employees don’t tell their […]

Article March 2016
Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

Satisfaction Survey: What Your Employees Don’t Dare Tell You

Most employees do not share their real thoughts with their boss, which is probably […]

Article March 2016
2 women improving workplace communication

10 Tips For Effective Workplace Communication

Do you know how to communicate effectively in the workplace? If you want to improve […]

Article March 2016
employee appreciation day

International Employee Appreciation Day!

March 4th is International Employee Appreciation Day Although employee appreciation […]

Article March 2016
bad employee performance and how to counter it

5 Reasons why your Employee’s Performance is not Improving

During a recent yearly review, you met with an employee who was having difficulty […]

Article February 2016

5 Reasons Your Employee’s Performance Isn’t Improving

During year-end performance reviews, you met with an employee who was having trouble […]

Article February 2016
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