Printable cards to recognize your employees

March 9, 2023

Recognize your employees!

Today marks a milestone for one of your employees, but you didn’t have time to stop by a shop to pick up a card?  No worries! We got you covered with 3 thank you card designs easy to print to recognize your employees.

How to use them?

Téléchargez les cartes et imprimez-les pour écrire un mot à la main à l’intérieur. Utilisez un papier cartonné pour un meilleur résultat!

What can you celebrate?

  • Employee appreciation day (March)
  • Boss day (October)
  • The completion of a big project
  • To highlight good results
  • Just because!

Download your cards

HR Calendar
Peer Recognition E-Cards
Recognition Cards for National Boss Day!

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