Recognition: The Best Holiday Gift for your Employees

December 2, 2022

In Employee Engagement

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If employee recognition is on your to-do list, there has probably never been a better time than now.  

A well-designed recognition program can have an immediate positive impact on your employees at any time, and also on your entire organization. Many companies are surprised to discover how affordable such a program can be in the long term. 

Valued employees are more engaged and motivated, and this has an impact on employee performance and retention.  

Additionally, there is a noticeable trend of significantly increasing recognition initiatives during the holiday season. This is largely explained by the desire to thank employees after a successful year of efforts. This approach brings several benefits. Keep reading to discover some of them. 

Recognition to Increase Employee Engagement


Recognition should be offered throughout the year, but during the holidays, it helps support efforts to establish a positive organizational culture. Managers should opt for increased recognition of employees during this time of the year to maintain high levels of motivation as the holiday season approaches. Specifically, engagement and motivation tend to decrease as teams shift into “holiday mode.” Consequently, managers should express their appreciation for employees, demonstrating acknowledgment of the efforts expended in their work, even during a period known for relaxation and rest. 

Build a Positive Corporate Culture


A positive organizational culture is built when managers genuinely care about the happiness and well-being of their employees. Furthermore, when employees receive recognition during the holiday season, they are likely to experience a positive impact on their workplace behaviors throughout the upcoming months, setting the tone for a good start to the new year! To achieve this positive culture, open and regular communication within the team must be encouraged. By fostering an environment where employees feel heard and can share their ideas, managers enhance the sense of belonging and contribute to shaping a culture based on trust and collaboration. 

Improve Employee Retention


During the holidays, employees are more likely to be approached for new job opportunities. Being on vacation, they may have more time to explore job offers in the labor market. You should focus on mechanisms to increase their retention during this period. Employee recognition enables the organization to provide a workplace where employees are more satisfied, happy, and engaged. Employee retention levels are thus likely to be improved with this strategy. 

When well implemented, employee recognition becomes a crucial talent management tool capable of guiding employee performance, maintaining engagement, reducing turnover rates, and ultimately cultivating organizational performance. 

Go beyond a service years program: consider developing managers’ skills to provide non-monetary recognition daily. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition and implement programs focused on values, health, and safety, for example. It’s a winning approach for everyone! 

If you wish to equip your managers to enhance their recognition practices, aiming to increase employee engagement and loyalty, explore the Orange Program. This online training will enable your managers to integrate non-monetary recognition practices into their daily routine, making these holidays an unforgettable time! 

If you want to equip your managers to enhance their recognition practices, aiming to increase employee engagement and loyalty, discover the Orange Program. This online training will enable your managers to incorporate non-monetary recognition practices into their daily routines, making these holidays truly memorable



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