Integrates Recognition Into Its Corporate Culture

March 15, 2023
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About Dessercom

With over 1,000 employees across Quebec, Dessercom is a people-focused company, with a strong commitment to programs aimed at improving the employee experience.

Dessercom is a 50-year-old charitable organization that focuses on two main services: pre-hospital emergency care and non-emergency medical transportation. Present in 14 administrative regions, Dessercom’s mission is to improve healthcare in Quebec.

Giving back to the community in terms of healthcare is the organization’s business model.

Dessercom is the most beautiful company for real!” – Sabryna G., Human Resources Consultant at Dessercom

Dessercom’s team is made up of paramedics, medical transport drivers and administrative staff. The HR team is made up of 3 people.

The Challenge: Creating a People-Centred Organization

With employees spread across Quebec and constantly on the move to save lives,  Dessercom often conducts organizational surveys to assess positive aspects and areas for improvement.

Following one of these surveys, recognition and employee-manager relationships were identified as key components to improve to employee satisfaction.

These development initiatives are seamlessly integrated into strategic planning for future years, aiming primarily to enhance the overall employee experience and provide a consistently stimulating career journey.

A key challenge arises from the fact that field managers possess paramedical expertise but may lack formal management training.

The Solution

The solution chosen by Dessercom is to equip them with the tools they need through training courses, in particular the Orange Program.

Participation in the Orange Program was voluntary, and almost sixty managers showed an interest in taking the course.

One of the main advantages of this training is that it can be followed in asynchronous mode, as this corresponds to the reality of paramedic managers who have to leave at a moment’s notice for an emergency, and can therefore follow the training according to their operational reality.

The time investment for this training is therefore appropriate, with 30 minutes per week, especially with a workload that is very high.

Weekly challenges throughout the course enable the trainees to quickly put what they have learned into practice, and to better identify what works and what can be improved.

There has been a great awareness of the need for recognition”. – Sabryna G., Human Resources Consultant at Dessercom

Beyond the Orange Program

And recognition doesn’t stop with training. Dessercom has also opted for the Altrum’s gifting solution to recognize years of service, starting in the first year.

There are a variety of choices on the platform. Whether it’s experiences, going to the SPA or buying a watch, it’s really diversified, and it meets everyone’s interests” Sabryna G., Human Resources Advisor at Dessercom

The Result: An Improved Employee Experience

Recognition is very strong and present at Dessercom through internal tools, such as the internal portal, which allows us to communicate success stories, service anniversaries, and any action that improves the employee experience.

Employees who sacrifice themselves for the well-being of others deserve the best recognition. A culture of recognition doesn’t develop overnight, but perseverance pays off.

Ready to make recognition an integral part of your employees’ lives?

Do like Dessercom and enroll your mangers in the Orange Program!


Discover how the Orange Program can help your enterprise!

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