What is an outsourced item?

December 7, 2023


And what are the pros and cons
of using them for your deal toys?

Outsourced items are very useful and fun tools to spice up your deal toys and can be used for almost any project. Have you ever seen a deal toy with a replica car on it? That car is an outsourced item! They’re pretty common in the world of deal toys, especially when you want to add something to your piece to make it extra special.

Essentially, an outsourced item is anything that you’d like included in your deal toy that isn’t something we produce directly at one of our factories.

Let’s talk about some of the different types of outsourced items you can incorporate and the pros and cons of using them for your deal toy projects!

If you’ve closed a deal for an airline company, or your client has a favorite vintage car, using a diecast for your deal toy is a great way to include a personal touch that will add even more depth to your piece and mean a lot to your clients!

For something simple, yet elevated, we can add a diecast car to a rotating platform on the side of a logo icon cut-out like this Ferrari deal toy. This addition brings the piece to the next level, offering an interactive feature that makes it the ultimate client gift.

Deal toy design with a car outsourced item (diecast)

If you’re interested in adding an outsourced item to more of a themed deal toy, that is also a great idea! This example utilizes a diecast plane, placing it on a replicated tarmac for a super realistic feel. Adding custom-cut crystal wings with the text and logo icon printed on the front is an extra nod to the airline as well.

Plane deal toy design


Almost any kind of car or plane can be found as a diecast and included on your deal toy, but there are some cons involved. It’s important to keep in mind that it may be hard to source a large number of these items! We do our best to search high and low for special things, but we are at the mercy of what’s available online. If you know you want to include an outsourced diecast car or plane on your deal toy, make sure to let your Account Manager know as soon as possible so that way they can get to sourcing and find a reliable option with plenty of stock!

Another thing to note is that if you have an event, an outsourced item might not be the best option for you. Adding one of these special items to your project is great, but it does add an extra step and wait time for the manufacturer/seller to ship those items to us at the factory. When you need things done quickly, this added delay is not beneficial and can sometimes cause your final product to miss the event date if the items take too long to be delivered to our factory.

Some other commonly used outsourced items include food replicas, sculptures/action figures, animal figurines, and liquor bottles! We can even include supplied items if your client has something from their company that they’d like to send us to include on the piece.

Take a look at some of the creative deal toys below that all include different outsourced items!

Reach out to your Account Manager today to get your complimentary designs started and let them know if you’d like to use an outsourced item!

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