What is deal text?

February 28, 2024


When opening a new deal toy project, our focus is often on the design portion of the process. And while that is extremely important, it is also imperative that we have the proper deal text on the piece as well.

what is deal text?

Essentially, deal text, also known as a tombstone in the industry, is just a snapshot of the key details for your transaction. Take a look at a few of the examples below…

The importance of deal text extends way beyond aesthetics; it essentially turns your piece into a piece of history, encapsulating the gravity of the accomplishment in a fun and creative way. Each deal toy lives on for years and years, educating generations about the significance of each transaction and their impact on the business landscape.

Whether it be an IPO or a merger, it’s truly key that you make sure that the deal text presented on your toy properly immortalizes the accomplishment. The best part about it? It’s completely customizable and entirely up to you.

What does
deal text include?

Traditionally, deal text includes the following…

  • The date of the transaction (it could be the entire date, the month and year, or just the year)
  • The details of the deal (can usually be found in a press release)
  • The client(s) logo(s)
  • The logos of the companies involved

For a lot of banks, there is no specific structure, style or format that the deal text must follow; you are free to organize and present it however you wish. However, for other banks, there are strict guidelines you must follow. If this is your first time running point on a deal toy project and you aren’t positive, be sure to check with your team to see if there are any rules you must follow regarding the  format.

Some of those rules may include things like…

  • A specific font that must be used
  • Size of the text
  • Spacing between lines
  • Specific internal company logos that must be used
  • etc…

All in all, crafting the perfect set of deal text for each project is key to preserving the memory and significance of each transaction.

To get started on your deal toy project, reach out to your Account Manager today, or use the Get My Design form now!

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