What is Live Art?

June 13, 2023

In Design Ideas / Trends

A full inbox, 8 calls scheduled for this afternoon, and no time for lunch. We know you guys are busy! We get it, and we had you in mind when we developed a new method for deal toy creation. We created Live Art to make the deal toy process as frictionless as possible. So, let’s eliminate your inbox full of emails and streamline your experience.

You’re probably thinking, “Ok, great. But what is it? And why is it worth my time?”.

Well, it’s quite simple. You’ll meet with one of our artists and discuss the details together. Live. By scheduling a call, you will be able to see any and all changes made right in front of you. The artist will share their screen, and you will get an inside look at the design process. Up close and personal.

We developed this service aiming to eliminate the confusion and back and forth that may arise during the design process. From the smallest of tweaks to the biggest of changes, Live Art is the perfect option for those who prefer an extra hands-on experience, with fewer emails involved.

While we recommend waiting until you have at least 1 round of designs in your hand before scheduling a session, we can schedule one for you even if you’re at square one. If you only have a preliminary half-idea that isn’t fully thought out yet, that’s fine too. Anything you bring to the call will be a huge help when we start designing. Things to consider before your call? Let us know if you have any specific logo icons you’d like to work with, design inspiration pics, or even just a client photo you’d like to incorporate. Let us know if your team has anything they 100% don’t want to see in terms of design or materials!

One of the most successful ways and largest benefits of utilizing a Live Art session is when you have changes to the tombstone itself. Say you want the third line of text to be bumped up a tiny bit but when you get the updated design back, we didn’t move it up enough or moved it up too much. Sometimes, a “tiny bit” means different things to different people! You can figure out any design issues on a call with one of our artists, all without waiting, and being 100% sure that the artwork is coming back exactly how you want it to.

Have you ever had a crazy and cool deal toy idea, but unfortunately were told it might not be feasible or just might not look great in reality? Sometimes it helps to see why it won’t work and be shown other options instead. While we pride ourselves on doing everything that we can to bring your vision to life, sometimes the nature of the materials or the production process in general won’t allow for certain features. This can be frustrating! Our artists can provide you with some similar options that are production feasible and still hit the mark.

If you have an event, or if you’re just on a tight deadline to present something to your MD, we always suggest setting up a Live Art call. When time is of the essence, remove the waiting game. We can talk it out and make sure that what you see on screen is something you’re 100% happy with! Let’s finalize your piece together and get it straight into production. As a matter of fact, see if your MD is willing to hop on a call with the rest of your team so that we can approve the piece together, and get it right into production.

Overall, scheduling a Live Art session provides a different deal toy experience than you’ve ever had before. You can chat with us in real time, brainstorming together and ultimately creating the best deal toy possible.

Reach out today to setup a Live Art call!

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