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November 8, 2023

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And just like that,
it's a wrap!

Series 1 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast has come to an end.

This podcast was a labor of love and brought together some of the most established voices in the world of finance. With a lineup of leaders from renowned firms like JP Morgan, Mediterrania, DC Advisory, Alantra, PwC, d’Angelin, JLL, and Stifel, Series 1 explored a wide range of topics that discussed industry nuances and offered valuable insights for both aspiring and established professionals.

With a total of 8 episodes, listeners had the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge, key tips and tricks, and other expertise from seasoned experts who have experienced it all in Investment Banking.

While all of our guests are leaders, this podcast is not just for juniors in the industry! This series is beneficial for analysts, associates, VPs, MDs, and other seniors alike.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Series 1’s highlights, key talking points, and other high-impact takeaways. Episodes 1-8 featured the following topics…

Mentorship &

Building a network and finding a mentor is crucial to one’s career. Especially in Investment Banking! In the words of Noha El Ghazaly, Episode 2’s guest, nothing prepares you for this job before you get into it. To grow as an individual and as a team, it is extremely important to have mentors who can guide you every step of the way. The best way to learn and develop is to observe! As for networking, you should always have a goal to build meaningful relationships. Charles Godbout, Episode 5’s guest, stressed to us that it is key to build relationships without focusing on the transactional part of it. Stop thinking about what a person can do for you and focus more on building a strong foundation that can weather the storm!

How to get
hired in the industry

In short, you must be a team player to work in the IB industry. Gokhan Ozkan, Episode 1’s guest, said that even if you are extremely bright, if you show that you aren’t a team player, that will hinder you. Another point he shared is that he focuses on the potential of candidates. Show that you are eager to learn and passionate about the opportunity, and it won’t go unnoticed!


Deals and client needs are important, but so are your own! You must make sure that you are making time to unwind and relax, giving yourself moments to leave work behind and focus only on your mental and physical wellness. Rusty Ray, our guest in Episode 4, shared with us that it is easier said than done, but he likes to work out early in the morning to clear his mind before he gets to the office. Leading by example is key!


Episode 3’s guest, Scott Wieler, one of the most important keys is client satisfaction. Truly understanding what your client is trying to accomplish, and working backwards from that in every single transaction is paramount. If you have clients who continuously want to do repeat business with you, you’re doing something right!

Transitioning roles &
promotions easily

Peter Shin, MD at Stifel and our esteemed guest for Episode 8, believes that the toughest transition in the IB industry is the step up from Analyst to Associate. Why? Because once you move up to Associate, you start to become responsible for other people’s work. This is the first taste of leadership and heightened responsibility, and it might be tough for a lot of former analysts to adjust to. As analysts, you only have to worry about your work, and being the best at what you do. Once you move, the bar for expectations moves significantly!


These are just a few of the incredibly interesting topics discussed in Series 1 of The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast. To learn more from leaders like the ones featured in our inaugural season, stay tuned for our next installment, coming to you in 2024! Let us know what you’d like to see in Series 2.

If you haven’t yet listened to Series 1, check out the episodes now – available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 0 – Intro to The Investment Banking Leaders Podcast

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Episode 1 – Gokhan Ozkan of JP Morgan

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Episode 2 – Noha El Ghazaly of Mediterrania Capital Partners

Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode 3 – Scott Wieler of DC Advisory

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Episode 4 – Rusty Ray of Alantra

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Episode 5 – Charles Godbout of PwC

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Episode 6 – Alessio Pieri of d’Angelin

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Episode 7 – Sher Hafeez of JLL

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Episode 8 – Peter Shin of Stifel

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