What steps are taken to ensure my deal toy doesn’t break in transit?

May 30, 2024


At Altrum, we take pride in producing deal toys of the utmost quality and understand how important it is to receive your pieces in a timely manner without any issues, especially when there is a tight deadline! Because there are so many unknowns once your package leaves our factory, we take a few different precautions to prepare and ensure that your deal toy will not break in transit. So, what steps are taken to prevent your deal toys from falling to the rigors of transit?

Step 1: Material Inspection

  • Perhaps the most basic of them all, but one of the most important. Before we start getting into the nitty gritty of producing your deal toy, we first inspect the raw material. This is especially true for any pieces that are made from especially fragile materials like crystal. If there are any imperfections to the raw slab of crystal like a hairline fracture, it will not be used for your piece as that will only cause issues down the line.
  • In addition to this, at every other step along the way your piece will be looked at by a few different sets of eyes to catch any blemishes.

Step 2: Quality Control

  • Once your piece is cut, created, assembled and ready to go, there is one more stop it must make before we send it off to the packing and shipping stage.
  • Each deal toy that leaves the factory will be stopped for quality control and inspected in proper lighting to ensure that there are no breaks, chips, cracks, or structurally unsound areas.

Step 3: Secure Wrapping

  • As soon as your deal toy passes the inspection stage, it is ready to be packed up.
  • Here, we take extra safeguard precautions for the long journey ahead. Before the piece is packed in the box, each deal toy is securely wrapped using industrial-grade cling wrap ensuring that it remains tightly bound and protected against any roughness in transit.
  • If your piece has sharp edges, is made from an extra fragile material, or has tiny intricate pieces glued on, this step is key to ensure that nothing happens to it when we pass it off to FedEx/UPS!

Step 4: Protective Packaging Solutions

  • Once your deal toy is wrapped up tightly, it’s ready to get placed inside the box, but we don’t stop there.
  • To prevent the piece from jostling around too much inside of the package, we nestle each item within sturdy corrugated paper bubble wrap that provides an extra cushioning barrier. If the box is thrown around in transit, this second line of defense comes in handy to prevent breakage.

From start to finish, we have your piece’s longevity and integrity in mind. Our team is continuously researching and implementing new steps that will protect your piece in transit to ensure that what you receive in the mail is nothing short of perfection. If you do receive a piece that is damaged or broken, please reach out to your account manager with photos of the damage so we can take the proper steps to replace those items for you.

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