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Deal Toys: The History, Symbolism, and Global Importance
Want to learn everything about deal toys? Their history, significance, and the tales they tell in the finance world are all here.
September 2023

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What is an outsourced item?

December 2023

Can I skip ordering a prototype?

December 2023

What are the different kinds of design requests?

December 2023
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What is the toughest role transition in Investment Banking?

November 2023

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deal toy case study

Lights, Camera, 3D Printed Action!

The key to a successful deal toy is ensuring it builds a personal connection with […]

Case Studies August 2023

First Case Study

Case Studies January 2023
banner gilead deal toy

Home Run

Gilead Sciences is an international biopharmaceutical company that discovers, […]

Case Studies November 2018
banner americain natural supply

Groundhog Day

American Natural is a Pennsylvania-based firm focusing on the local communities it […]

Case Studies November 2018
ameripride banner

Value Added

AmeriPride is a uniform rental and linen supply company operating across the United […]

Case Studies November 2018
banner winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Our client was looking to celebrate a deal for a Utah-based ranch and distillery. […]

Case Studies November 2018
Chess game deal toy


The client came to Altrum looking for a deal gift to celebrate a Real Estate […]

Case Studies November 2018
Altrum cup awards

Altrum Cup

Since 2017, Altrum host the yearly Altrum Cup charity football (soccer) tournament. […]

Case Studies November 2018
branded banner


Pioneer Natural Resources is a publicly-traded, Texas-based independent exploration […]

Case Studies November 2018
banner encana deal toy pirate

Treasure Hunt

Ovintiv Corporation is a Canadian natural gas company that produces, transports and […]

Case Studies November 2018
mcdonald deal toy banner


A client came to us to celebrate a debt transaction for the famous fast-food chain, […]

Case Studies November 2018
USL Nashville banner

Game On!

On July first, the United Soccer League formally welcomed its new Nashville […]

Case Studies November 2018
tropical osasis deal toy

Tropical Oasis

Lakeside village is a trendy residential complex located in Central Florida. To […]

Case Studies November 2018
google deal toy

Project Scrabble

Our client came to us seeking a deal toy to celebrate Alphabet’s recent […]

Case Studies November 2018
fox it deal toy banner

Put Into Motion

A client came to us seeking a unique deal toy concept for the acquisition of Fox-IT, […]

Case Studies November 2018
toying with an idea deal toy

Toying With an Idea

ThreeSixty Group ideates, designs, sources and distributes consumer products to the […]

Case Studies November 2018
Top Flight Deal Toy

Top Flight

Aer Lingus is the national flag carrier airline of Ireland. It operates an all […]

Case Studies November 2018
Royal Delivery Mail Deal Toy

Royal Delivery Mail

Our client from London was looking to create a deal toy to commemorate the IPO of […]

Case Studies November 2018
Fitting all the Elements Deal Toy

Fitting all the Elements

One of our clients was looking to create a deal toy to commemorate a recent […]

Case Studies November 2018
King of the castle Deal Toy

King of the Castle

A client was looking to commemorate an important transaction with a symbolic deal […]

Case Studies November 2018
Zanella Deal Toy


Zanella is an Italian menswear brand, best known for its high quality fabrics and […]

Case Studies November 2018

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