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How Can Acrylic Recognition Awards Boost Motivation?

Boosting Motivation: The Power of Recognition through Deal Toys & Awards In […]

Article August 2023

Award Types by Industry

Learn how to create custom awards that will last a lifetime. Whether you have a gala […]

Article December 2020
which corporate event is next for me

Which Event Should Your Company Host?

We all need excuses to celebrate employees. You probably already do this in your own […]

Article November 2020
Altrum Awards Keynote Speaker Corporate Award

Corporate Award Ideas for Your Keynote Speakers

Ideas to create a showstopping corporate award for your keynote speaker. Impress […]

Article October 2020

Tips & Tricks – Virtual Award Ceremony

Have you been tasked with hosting an award ceremony? Have you been nominated for an […]

Article September 2020
Office with Dazzling Awards

20 Custom Trophy Ideas to Dazzle Your Recipients

Who doesn’t love to show off a little? We know we do! And we’re sure you do too. […]

Article August 2020
Corporate Awards When Working Remote

How to Flawlessly Host a Virtual Event

The remote work lifestyle has hit us all by storm. Here are a few ways to conduct […]

Article July 2020

How to Celebrate an Event From Home

We’ve put together a toolkit to help you celebrate any milestone from home, […]

Article July 2020

Which Type of Awards Are Best for Your Event?

Check out this fun style quiz to choose your next corporate award style!

Article June 2020
Unique Corporate Awards Materials

Materials to Help You Create Unique Custom Awards

When discussing how to create the perfect unique custom awards, you’ll be certain […]

Article June 2020
How Acrylic Awards Are Made

How Acrylic Awards Are Made

Discover how we create our stunning acrylic awards. A beautiful process to design a […]

Article June 2020
Creating a custom award is great for the recipient and your company.

Why Should You Create Custom Awards

If you want an inspiring award, something to remember for years, listen to our top […]

Article April 2020
Create your custom lucite awards with 5 easy tips

5 Must-Have Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Lucite Awards

Creative or not, you deserve the greatest Custom Awards. It all starts with these 5 […]

Article April 2020
Acing your employee recognition speech

How to Write an Inspiring Employee Recognition Speech

Building a positive culture in your company depends a lot on how you present it to […]

Article March 2020
Make sure not to make these award show fails

10 Award Ceremony Fails to Avoid

Planning an award ceremony this season? Let us help you by laying out some common […]

Article March 2020
Awards design trends 2020

Award Design Trends for 2020

Find out what colors, shapes, materials and fonts will influence award design in the […]

Article December 2019
ribbons is awards or cash better to motivate

Awards VS Cash: Which has more impact on motivation?

In a business context, do awards really work to increase motivation?

Article October 2019
Knoll Textile Recognition Awards Program

KnollTextiles Performance Awards

How a custom trophy has created a unique blend of textile and acrylic?

Article September 2019
Altrum cup awards

Altrum Cup

The purpose of the Altrum Cup tournament is to raise funds for United Way. All funds […]

Article June 2019

F1 Canadian Grand Prix Trophy

Having already created and secured a winning design for one of the most prestigious […]

Article June 2019
materials to make custom awards

Which material is best for your award ?

Everything you need to know from the moment you design your deal toy to when you […]

Article December 2018

Factors to consider to budget for your awards

We’ll help you find the perfect impact/budget ratio.

Article December 2018
8 Most Extravagant Deal Toys

Pro tips to make your award stand out

Some tips to help you take your deal toy from good to exceptional.

Article December 2018