Salary Increase And Non Monetary Recognition

December 9, 2014

In Management & Organizational Performance

salaries and recognition

The end the year is upon us, and for many of us, that means salary increase, end of the year bonus… This blog post is about non-monetary recognition in the workplace.

Recognition: why and how?

Because engaged, motivated and enthusiastic employees are the most powerful forces of an organization. Why? Because employee engagement increases performance, innovation, profits, retention rate, and decreases absenteeism, accidents…

Employee recognition is what backs up salary increases and bonuses for past and future accomplishments. A business culture of recognition is also what leads businesses to organize end of the year office parties, award ceremonies and special days. These are important moments for employees, but there is more!

Our blog post from March on the Linguistic Approach to Workplace Recognition points out the importance of recognizing people in person. This daily, spontaneous and diversified recognition (thanks, congrats…) with the reason behind it (success, efforts, qualities, ideas…) is often overlooked. Yet, recognition is crucial to well-being, and it is an incentive to motivation.

Managers, we want your ideas!

Kind and original words, days off, written congratulations, team reunions to cheer together… Managers and CEO’s are responsible of thinking about new ways of recognizing their teams. If you need to organize a recognition because your team is too big to be spontaneous, resources (intranet, web platforms) are numerous.

Employees, we want your ideas!

At the time of annual assessment, employees should be encouraged to express what kind of recognitions they would like to receive. Every employee’s future depends on how he or she plans on contributing to the company. A contribution must be noted, thanked and celebrated. Salary negotiations and assessments should come with careful listening of how employees wish to be recognized. So employees are also responsible of thinking about what type of recognitions they would like to see within their company.

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