4 Reasons To Use Web Technologies To Recognize Employees

December 29, 2014

In Employee Engagement

You have been working on a really complex problem for a couple of hours. You finally resolve it, and a feeling of pride fills you immediately. When your boss comes to your desk to give you positive feedback, that sense of value is enhanced, isn’t it? Now imagine the same scenario, but in front of the whole office. How do you feel knowing that your colleagues are aware of your contribution to the company?

Although every good move is important in the workplace, it is impossible to point out all of them publicly with a meeting. With that in mind, a web platform becomes a must to run a healthy company. Here are 4 good reasons for recognizing employees online:

1. More reach

Recognizing employees through a web platform has a meaningful effect. Web technologies multiplies the reach of the message. You could even go further and post the recognition on social media to reach friends and family and spread more happiness!

2. Immediacy

A new client acquisition is something big that should be celebrated, but small accomplishments must not be overlooked. The web allows for spontaneous recognitions of every good moves, however small they may be.

3. Interaction

It is a lot easier to express agreement and to comment on an action on the web. Some people can feel uncomfortable to be thanked in person, but that discomfort disappears behind the screen.

4. Peer recognition

The whole process of employee recognition is evolving to something new: peer recognition. With the web, employees can recognize their bosses, and their colleagues!

Here is an idea that we implemented at Altrum: employees can send recognitions to their colleagues on the web platform as many times as they like. For example, Nicolas recognized Marc-André with this message: “Congratulations for your TEDx conference, now that it is online, we can finally watch it! Good work!”. Paola shared her gratitude to Vincent: “I already told you how amazing you are, but I just want to add how much you did an incredible work on the contest! Without you, it would have been impossible! #recognition”. At the end of the month, the employee who gets the highest number of recognitions receives a super hero certificate that is posted on the web platform and on social media for friends and family to see and comment with good words.

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